Andrew Anglin on with Lugh: Discussing the Validity of Anti-Christism

Andrew Anglin
Total Fascism
April 25, 2013

The Golden Dawn, like the NSDAP and the Italian Fascists before it, is a Christian organization.
The Golden Dawn, like the NSDAP and the Italian Fascists before it, is a Christian organization.

Tonight, Lugh and I discussed the merits of trying to destroy the 1500 year old religion of our ancestors right in the middle of a large scale, worldwide White genocide.  I, of course, argue that attacking Christianity is completely counterproductive – even if you are personally against it – as we clearly need a religious/spiritual basis for our revolution, and presently no other viable religious system exists. Trying to create a new religion in the midst of a genocide, rather than focusing on a strategy to do whatever we can to fight this agenda, strikes me as brutally absurd.  “Deck chairs on the Titanic” and all that.

Here is the .mp3.

I don’t have a desire to go on endlessly with the religious debates, as many seem so fond of doing, but I wanted to do a show to make my opinions clear in a friendly debate-type setting with someone who holds the opposing view.  I think it went pretty well, and should be entertaining, as well as intellectually stimulating.

John Friend, Rodney Martin, “Wolf Wall Street”/”Bob in DC,” “David in Texas” and several others called in to give their thoughts.

For the record, I thought the low point of the show was when David said that he didn’t care what the Golden Dawn was doing – that is, using a Christian platform to take back the government from the Jews and run out all the non-Whites, commies and queers – that he only wants to “tell the truth about Christianity” – the most important part being, apparently, that the archetypal symbols in Christianity are not to be taken literally.  I have nothing against David, and he is surely welcome to his opinion, but I think this illustrates the core nature of the Christ-bashing wing of the WN movement: they are hobbyists, unconcerned about real-life revolution.

As I say in the show, I am not concerned about anything at all other than stopping these Jews and saving my race.  As it has already been repeatedly demonstrated that Christianity is a valid vehicle through which to organize our people against our enemies, there is no good reason why a person would make the ridiculous and demonstrably false claim that “we can’t fight the Jews until we do away with Christianity,” unless they were altogether unconcerned about taking back our society and saving our people (for whatever reason).

The Renegade boys appear to be at a crossroads.  They can either continue down this hobbyist road of endlessly attacking Christianity, admitting that this in no way serves the viciously immediate purposes of our people, or they can keep their views on the matter to themselves (at least for the most part – some criticism of Christianity, if not presented as an attack or an imperative, is not unreasonable), and work with those of us who are willing to do whatever it takes to unify our people under a common cause.

Honestly, it makes little difference either way.  Those of us who care about our people more than our egos or personal feelings are going to lead this movement, by default.  I would like to have those who consider themselves pagan, or otherwise non-christian, on board with us.  However, if they decide they would rather play games than find common ground with other Whites who are working toward revolution, that will be the decision of each of them as individuals.

Perhaps an even lower point of the opposing argument was when “Bob in DC”/”Wolf Wall Street” insinuated that I was a federal agent.  When all else fails: call someone a cop.  Though I may have reacted a little harshly – it isn’t necessarily an unfair question, all things being equal – the context in which it was asked was inappropriate, and presumably intended to discredit my position in what most be the lowest possible manner a person could think of.

This is me.

Just to touch on this point, briefly – my position is that when we begin to organize in the real world, everyone should be subject to routine polygraph tests.  You can buy these machines for relatively cheap these days.  Whenever we have meetings, each person in a place of authority should be required to take a test, involving a series of questions, in front of whoever wants to witness it.  “Have you ever had any contact with a federal agent?” would be a good standard first question.  I am willing to take one of these at any point.  I presume “Bob in DC”/”Wolf Wall Street” is not prepared to do so, as he isn’t even willing to give his real name, even though he sounds as if he is old enough that he wouldn’t have to worry about his career; in fact, he claims that he works from home, as a stock trader, so surely he can’t be concerned about losing his job (which is not a perfect excuse for using a fake name while trying to be a leader, but it is a pretty understandable one).

I am not saying these things with an intent to attack “Bob in DC”/”Wolf Wall Street”; I receive his email updates, catch his show sometimes and would like to consider him an ally.  I simply feel it was a distasteful approach to take, especially for someone who’s name we do not know, and who’s face we have not seen – someone who could, theoretically, be calling from an office in Tel Aviv.

We’ll end with a quote:

Speaking of Christianity, I often used the expression “the religion that came to prevail in the West.” In fact the greatest miracle of Christianity was succeeding in asserting itself among the European peoples, even taking account the decadence into which numerous traditions of these peoples had plunged. Nevertheless, we must not forget the cases in which the Christianisation of the West was only superficial. Besides, if Christianity has, without any doubt, altered certain European values, there are also situations where these values were revived by Christianity, by rectifying and modifying itself. Otherwise, Catholicism would be inconceivable in its various “Roman” aspects. In the same way a part of Medieval civilisation would be inconceivable, with phenomena such as the appearance of the great Knightly orders, Thomism, a certain mysticism of a high level (e.g., Meister Eckhart), the spirit of the Crusades, etc.

-Julius Evola, 1967 La Nation Europeenne Interview, “A Justified Pessimism?



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