Bill Gates Presents Children’s Lecture Saying He’s Building a Global Virus Police Force

Bill Gates, who is a master of true reality even above the total master of the physical universe Anthony Fauci, has released a video talking to the public as if they are children. In the video, featuring figurines, Gates lectures the public he rules and tells that that he is building a global governmental “firefighter” squad to fight viruses.

What he actually appears to be talking about is a global POLICE. Except they fight viruses instead of black drug addicts.

In fact, according to the toys in Gates’ video, they are themselves going to be blacks.

Part of the plan to build a global government is to do all of the little things first. To get the details done, so you de facto have the structures of it built before it is announced. Much of that is through the establishment of transnational institutions, along with free trade and open borders.

The plan for global warming all surrounds a global tax, and these people will openly say that the goal of the tax is to take money from Americans and Europeans and give it to the third world. Obviously, if you are paying a global tax, you’re paying it to some form of global government, and that is why the global warming hoax has always been a path to global government.

Obviously, there are more similarities between coronavirus and global warming than you could ever even manage to list in terms of how it affects people and what the larger goals of it are. But clearly, a transnational virus organization would be a massive structure, and its ability to freely operate in any country would make it above national governments. Clearly, it will be linked in with the Paris Climate Accords and the larger global warming based plan for a global government.

Gates also discusses the fact that he’s planning to inject you with monoclonal antibodies.

You can look that up, but it’s basically this: they genetically engineer mice with human genes and clone them into producing specific antibodies, which they then inject you with.

Beyond being weird, this is an autoimmune disorder waiting to happen, but hey – he’s the boss.

“Hello, I became a billionaire by giving a firm handshake to a bootstrap, and I love anal sex and black riots. I will be controlling your life and making all your decisions for you now.”

The way that Gates comes out here and speaks to us like children, with the clear assumption being that he is in charge of everyone on earth, is astonishing. Effectively, due to the program of libertarianism, billionaire corporate and hedge fund overlords are in fact our masters. However, you would think that they would be more shy about this. There is no reason Bill Gates has to say any of this stuff publicly. We know all of the stuff that George Soros does, and he hardly ever gives interviews. When he does gives interviews, he just talks about how he’s a victim of randos on Facebook who did a conspiracy to create a conspiracy theory against him.

I guess they feel we’re broken enough, and they have enough support across political lines (right-wingers worship them as hard workers and leftists love them for their promotion of anal sex and black people), that they can just come out now and start directing you as their subjects.

It’s strange how few people talk about the fact that this is clearly the tone that Gates is taking. You would think the media would at least feel obligated to explain why he is the boss of everyone. But there are no “why Gates speaks to you as if he’s making all of the global decisions” explainers. They don’t really even comment on it, and leave people to assume that he is in charge now and that’s just the way it is.

And I guess they do accept it.

Literally all leftists will go along with anyone who comes out and says “I love it when men masturbate into other men’s anuses and I think it’s really special when black people riot and burn down cities.” This has been the case in America since Bernie Sanders embraced identity politics back in the 2016 election cycle. The only people on the left who might be talking about something are The Young Turks, and the last time I saw them they had few views and Cenk appeared incoherent. And on the right, the only place I see people pointing out that Gates wasn’t elected is in QAnon and Alex Jones type materials.

This is to say: apparently Gates was correct in his assumption that he could just come out and start telling people what to do and they would all go along with it without asking any questions.