The Daily Stormer does the job other news websites won't do.
The Daily Stormer does the job other news websites won’t do.

The Daily Stormer is 100% reader-supported. We do what we do because we are attempting to preserve Western Civilization. We do it out of love.

Daily Stormer is the biggest news publication focused on racism and anti-Semitism in human history. We are significantly larger by readership than many of the top 50 newspapers of the United States. The Tampa Tribune, Columbus Dispatch, Oklahoman, Virginian-Pilot, and Arkansas Democrat-Gazette are all smaller than this publication by current readership. All of these have dozens to hundreds of employees and buildings of their own. All of their employees make more than anyone at the Daily Stormer. We manage to deliver impact greater than anyone in this niche on a budget so small you wouldn’t believe.

Despite censorship on a historically unique scale, and The Daily Stormer becoming the most censored publication in history, we continue to fight and publish on a daily basis, to a readership unparalleled by anyone else that has ever named the Jew in our lifetimes.

Infrastructure to serve this kind of traffic, deal with censorship issues, and meals for our staff cost money.

Because the site is not monetized, we require contributions from readers to pay the expenses involved.

Due to activities of actual terrorists, traditional means of collecting donations are unavailable. PayPal (and everything else known to man) has banned this site and me as an individual person from using their services.

Bitcoin (or other Cryptocurrency) is the Only Way to Donate

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A comprehensive list of exchanges is available here.

Jaxx is a free, open-source decentralized BTC/crypto wallet you can run on your own computer and phone. Blockchain does this online.

You can also buy Bitcoins with cash in person, with Moneygram wires, with Western Union, or with bank transfers via LocalbitcoinsAlong with dozens of other payment options. You can even buy Bitcoin by sending people cash in the mail!

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If you find this stuff confusing, please ask for help. I know some of our guys are older and aren’t adept with this stuff, but if this site does not get reader support it will die. If you’re an older guy, ask your nephew into computers for help making a Bitcoin payment. He’ll know what to do.

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Please do not ask about other ways to donate. There are no other ways to donate. If you don’t have time to do crypto (or to get someone to help you), then you cannot support the site. That is simply the situation.