UK: Cops Attacked While Shutting Down “Illegal Parties”

If you ban parties, people are going to have illegal parties. Humans are social creatures, more so than even dogs.

These cops are worthless and they should be arresting people for tearing down statues, rioting and being black – not for engaging in socialization.


For the second time in as many nights, police officers have been attacked in London while attempting to break up an illegal party, Reuters reports. In the previous night’s incident, at least 22 officers were hurt.

The latest incident happened near Colville Gardens in western London, where an unlicensed music event was held overnight, the police said.

The unruly crowd pelted law enforcement with various objects, when they took steps to clear the illegal party from the streets of Notting Hill.

The party was fully dispersed by about 2am and no serious injuries were reported from the altercation.

This came in a stark contrast to the mayhem on the previous night, when police were called to a party in Brixton, south London. The scuffles with the unruly crowds had left at least 22 officers injured and four people taken into custody.

Angry partygoers reportedly used makeshift batons against cops to chase them away before being overpowered by law enforcement officers.

Of course, if you didn’t have blacks, you wouldn’t have this kind of illegal party.

If it was just whites in Britain, it would mainly be illegal dinner parties and illegal brunches.

The thing is: the same forces of evil who flooded the country with blacks invented the coronavirus hoax. So all of these problems are tightly interlinked.