Did You Know There is a Black Woman with a British Accent on CNN?

I just found out there is a black British bitch actress princess on American CNN.

Who the darn heck is that bitch?

I can’t find her on the CNN YouTube channel and I can’t embed CNN here because they stopped offering embeds on their player (smart, actually). You might be able to see her on this link, but you might not, because they switch out the videos at the top of the page randomly.

Anyway, tell that bitch to hit me up, that accent is sexy as heck and she sure is really smart, talking all elegant like that. See, it’s American racism that turned blacks into violent and deranged savages that put Gorilla Glue in their hair. A black woman raised in Britain is a dignified princess.

She can stretch my lips any time she wants – if you catch my drift. 

As far as that headline: whatever happened to the $4 trillion, it had nothing to do with “scheming Jew bankers,” and yes, in the future, 1 trillion people will be driving Tesla cars, despite the fact that we’re removing the roads.

A trillion people are going to be driving Tesla trucks in a field.

SPEAKING OF WHICH – have you guys driven the motorcycle through the dump in CyberPunk 2077?

And speaking of new female hires…

Nah, I mean, that was probably done by the NSA to blame Russia.

Elon Musk claims to have played that game all the way through. No wonder he got so angry at that Red Robin waitress. No wait, I mean the Robinhood hipster.

If Elon wants to be the people’s billionaire, and sell a trillion electric trucks, he needs a better PR team.

I charge 0.1 BTC per hour.