Holocaust by gas abandoned for Holocaust by bubbles

May 9, 2013

Rabbi Stephen S. Wise
Rabbi Stephen S. Wise

On November 25, 1942 American Zionist Rabbi Stephen “Six Million Jews” Wise made public two documents—supposedly given to him by the U.S. State Department—which confirmed that Hitler had a plan to kill all Jews in occupied Europe before the end of 1942, and that the Nazis had abandoned expensive ‘gas-rooms’ for injection of bubbles as a means of killing off European Jewry. Belgian, Dutch and French Jews had been injected with bubbles and then put onto trains bound for Germany. Before the trains even reach the German frontier all the Jews aboard would be dead. The corpses, which had a value of RM 50, were used for scientific studies by the horrid Germans.

This is the second document released by Dr. Wise. It comes from a German source close to military and industrial circles in Germany,

Trains Full of Corpses

“During the past months a great number of trains arrived in Germany from Belgium, Holland and France. The trains were loaded with deportees. At the beginning of August the carriages were partly filled with dead bodies, partly with deportees alive. It is reported that since the beginning of August the trains arrived at German frontiers only with corpses.

“As to the proceedings of killing, the informer stated that the Nazis began to apply a new procedure. The killing in special gas-rooms has been replaced by another method which consists in injecting of the air by physicians into the veins of the human body. This procedure is much less expensive than the other one applied formerly. The injection of the air into the human body leads to a general poisoning and at last, after a few hours, the person become! unconscious. The procedure is applied even before the German frontier is reached so that to Germany there arrive only corpses. It is stated that one physician is capable to make 100 such injections within an hour.

“It is further reported that since the end of 1932 the Nazis already had charged their physicians to study scientific methods of extermination and the utilization of corpses. In that time the physicians thought that the proceeding was to apply only to biologically and hereditary abnormal people. Further, it is stated that as a result of scientific studies the utility value of a corpse is estimated to RM 50.”

Dr. Wise commented:

“I was of the group that always believed that such conditions could not be true. I believed they must be exaggerated.

“But the documents submitted by the State Dept. prove anew that nothing that has been said before was an exaggeration.”

“We now know that, since August, 7000 Jews daily are led out of the Warsaw ghetto and killed.”

PM Daily (NY), Thursday, November 26, 1942, p.12

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