It’s Not “Zionists,” It’s Not “Khazars,” – It’s Jews

Total Fascism
Andrew Anglin
January 7, 2013

Say it with me now: "it's the Jews."
Say it with me now: “it’s the Jews.”

One of the bigger lies that exists within the massive compilation of lies that is collectively known as the “Truth Movement” is that it is morally wrong to criticize “all Jews,” and thus we need to use various euphemisms to describe Jewish criminality. The two most popular euphemisms are “Zionists” and “Khazars”. Herein I will explain why both are inaccurate descriptions of the enemy we are fighting, and why both should be abandoned in favor of honest terminology, such as “Jews,” “the Jew,” or “international Jewry.”

Not Zionists

When we talk about “Zionists” being responsible for all of our problems, what are we even actually saying? The secular Jews of New York and Hollywood, while surely “supporting” Israel in the same way that every Jew supports every exploitative endeavor of his tribe, have absolutely no connection to, or personal interest in, the Zionist state in Palestine.

On top of this, Zionism is a political doctrine which has only been around for a century. What are we to do with the fact that we have been at war with this tribe since we first encountered them over 2000 years ago?

On some of these sites, I have seen people make the claim that “Zionists” were responsible for the Bolshevik Revolution – at that period in history, political Zionism was a recent development, and had very little support among the Jewish population as a whole who were very happy feeding off of their host populations in white countries and had no desire to go live in the desert and fight Arabs. The Bolshevik Revolution had nothing whatsoever to do with political Zionism. This was an act of the Jew.

Zionism is simply Judaism politicized. Like the Jewish religion, it is simply a manifestation of the Jewish tribal, racial drives.

Not Khazars

The foremost issue with the “Ashkenazi Jews are all Khazars” theory is that zero factual proof exists to support it. It surely cannot be totally disproved, especially if one rejects recent genetic studies as a Khazarian Jewish conspiracy – I am not a geneticist, so I am not really qualified to comment on whether or not these genetic tests were faked or skewed in some way, but it seems to me to be rather unlikely.

It is clear that the sometime in the early part of the 8th century, King of the the Khazars, as well as members of the aristocracy of that society, did convert to Judaism. It is unclear what percentage of the whole population converted. Beyond this, we have zero reason to believe that the European, Ashkenazi Jews are in any significant part the result of this conversion (though it is surely possible that a portion of the Jews who migrated up from the Middle East to Eastern Europe did interbreed with the Khazars, and the genetic tests do show that Askenazi Jews have a percentage of Eastern European blood, this is not particularly interesting, given that we already know that the Jews tend to mix with various populations they live among to a certain extent). Note that there is a group of Jews still living in Turkey today, called the Crimean Karaites, who are known to be descended from the Khazar converts, so it isn’t as if they simply disappeared.

Promoting the theory as if it is somehow proven or even has significant evidence to support it makes a person seem irresponsible and/or uninformed.

This idea has largely been promoted by people who are more concerned about an ideology than the actual facts. Christian Identity latched on to this theory in the early 20th century as a means to support their own religious beliefs regarding their Israelite heritage having been stolen from them. Later, other Christians grabbed it as a means to explain away the obviously evil nature of the people who founded their religion.

As propaganda against the ruling Jewish elite, it seems to me to be utterly feeble. The argument often presented is that Jews don’t have a right to steal Palestine because their origins are not in Palestine. It follows then that if the Jews could trace their origins to Palestine (which they at least appear to have done with genetic tests), they would have a right to kill or displace the native inhabitants of that land. Whether their ancestors lived there 2000 years ago or not, there is no justification for what they are doing to the Palestinians, and by engaging them on this level, one is simply giving credence to their position.

On top of all this, the theory seems to state that the Jews written about by the likes of Mohammad the Prophet and the ancient Romans – who described the exact same type of behavior the Jews are involved in today – were the “real Jews.” We are then supposed to believe that the destructive behavior patterns of the Jew manifest solely as a result of religious practices, which discounts the reality that the Jewish problem is a racial problem. We are also left with the confusing problem of why, if the Khazar Jews are the true enemy, the Sephardi Jews behave in the exact same way as they do.

Pressing the Khazar theory is a horrible strategy, and I would be happy to see it never mentioned again, save for in academic discussions.


These euphemisms are used, I believe, because people are still uncomfortable with the idea of speaking in racial terms. This is the result of psychological programming we have experienced since birth, and people are just going to have to get over it.

Race exists, and the Jews are a race. Their behavior is a result of having evolved as a parasite, draining other societies of their labor energy as a means to sustain themselves. This does not mean that every single Jew is “bad,” it simply means that the Jews as a racial group are a threat to any society in which they reside, and thus must be watched very closely and not given the same privileges of the ethnic majority.

I believe that we in the resistance movement need to be able to agree on certain fundamental issues, and the nature of the Jew is one of these issues. I have no doubt that this will eventually be clear. When I first got into this movement more than ten years ago, people were even afraid to say “Zionist,” now this is common place and more and more people are willing to openly say the J-word in an unapologetic manner. We do not need to constantly explain that “we don’t mean all Jews,” because the Jews who we are not implicating as part of this immensely corrosive international force of oppression and exploitation are themselves speaking out against it.

We have very serious problems right now. This is not the time to hold back, to tell half-truths, to confuse each other with meaningless lines of thinking. We must rise above the programming and tell it like it is. When all of the anti-Jewish sites are speaking in clear, honest, truthful terms about the Jewish problem, it will be a massive step in our march toward victory.