Jewish Congresswoman Supports Legislation Which Could Classify Pedophilia, Bestiality as “Sexual Orientation”

Jackie Speier
Dirty Jewess Jackie Speier rubs her hands together in anticipation of further wrecking the moral order of White society.

The Jewish congresswoman, Jackie Speier, along with her Negro cohort, Alcee Hastings, are supporting federal “hate crime” legislation that would not only make it illegal for parents to seek counseling to help normalize their homosexual children, but could also end up protecting pedophiles and people who have sex with animals.

From an article on the site Rethink Society:

California Congresswoman, Rep. Jackie Speier CA (D), wants to federalize a state law to prohibit counseling to change a person’s sexual orientation.

Under the bill’s language, a mental health counselor could be sanctioned if there was an attempt to get a gay individual to change his or her behavior or speak negatively about their behavior as it relates to sexuality.

The bill calls on states to prohibit efforts to change a minor’s sexual orientation, even if the minor requests it, saying that doing so is “dangerous and harmful.”

The text of the legislation doesn’t specifically ban “gay” conversion therapy. Instead, it prohibits attempts to change a person’s sexual orientation.

“Sexual orientation change efforts’ means any practices by mental health providers that seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation,” the bill says.

In regards to California state law SB 1172, which was initiated to ban conversion therapy in California, there were questions regarding the text of the bill.

This language is so broad and vague, it arguably could include all forms of sexual orientation, including pedophilia,” said Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute. “It’s not just the orientation that is protected—the conduct associated with the orientation is protected as well.”

Rethink Society received threats from the office of Jewess Jackie after the article was cited by World Net Daily; it is not clear what was removed.

As we descend further into Jewish hell, it is only to be expect that they will use their total control of society to normalize all conceivable forms of sexual perversion, and this is merely another step along the way.

Although it is horrific enough that the Jews would seek to outlaw conversion therapy for homosexuals, what drew most of the attention here is that the law is set to set precedent for the definitions of some legal terms, which could open up the gates for pedophiles and all other forms of pervert.

To be fair, the legislation does not specifically state that it is protecting pedophiles, and thus the WND article is slightly misleading. The issue here is the language used. Huffington Post, which has become progressively more ridiculous and now amounts to nothing more than a liberal version of Fox News, attacked the “conservatives” who were making a fuss, quoting representative Tammy Baldwin, who, defending this legislation, cited the extant definition of “sexual orientation”:

BALDWIN: Thank you Mr. Chairman. I move to strike the last word in opposition to this amendment, that, well — the gentleman claims that we have not pinned down the definition for sexual orientation. And, indeed, in our earlier session, yet today, I drew his attention to the fact that there is a definition with regard to the Hate Crimes Statistics Act. During the break, I searched to just confirm that what I had articulated earlier today was indeed the definition and it is: “Sexual orientation is means consensual homosexuality or heterosexuality.” That is the definition.

Now, as you’ve noted earlier, there’s only one term defined in this legislation, and that’s gender identity on page 14. And the reason for that is that that definition exists nowhere else in federal law. This is the first time it’s occurring in federal law. But in every other case, gender disability, sexual orientation, race, national origin, color, and — I’m missing one. The architecture of the hate crime statutes in the United States is those definitions do not lay within that architecture. They exist elsewhere in federal law, and we rely on them. So there is a clear, concise definition of sexual orientation.

Regrettably, this definition, though surely concise, is much less than clear. Though legalese, the Jews are capable of constantly redefining terminology as a means of “loopholing” the system into all sorts of deranged madness. The trouble here is with the word “consent.” Though presumably, there is legal precedent by which one could argue that a child is incapable of giving consent, that can easily be buried with new precedent, conceivably without even going to court – this is just the way this idiot legal system of ours works.

And they have increasing “scientific” grounds upon which to base a argument of child sexual consent. A paper published by the American Psychological Association in 1998 argued along these lines. Following this paper, many from the various Jew-run psychological associations came out in support of its conclusions. This includes the Institute for Psychological Therapies, who came out with a paper entitled The Effects of Child Sex Abuse: The Truth Verses Political Correctness.

Presently, there are also many who believe that sex with an animal can also be “consensual.” A plethora of Libertarian blogs are to be found advocating for both pedophilia and bestiality.

The Jews seek to destroy everything which exists, and there is no point at which they will stop. Popularizing sex with little boys or farm animals as a hip new trend is simply the next step, as they continue to drag our broken corpse down the winding staircase of hell itself.