Jews: CPAC Cancels Black Guy Who was Supposed to Appear at “America Uncanceled” Event

What a horrible, rotten thing American conservatism is.

Is it any wonder these people are barely hanging on to 20% support from their own voters?

Imagine canceling someone you scheduled for an event against canceling for political incorrectness for political incorrectness.

The Independent:

An upcoming conservative political conference in the US called “America Uncanceled” has cancelled a speaker for his derogatory remarks about Jewish people.

The annual event of the conservative political action conference (CPAC), whose theme this year is “America Uncanceled”, starts Thursday in Orlando and is going to be the first major public event where former US president Donald Trump is going to speak since demitting office in January 2021.

Launched in 1974, it is considered among the biggest gathering of conservatives in the US as it claims to bring together “hundreds of conservative organisations, thousands of activists, millions of viewers and the best and brightest leaders in the world.”

Young Pharaoh, who identifies himself as an artist and philosopher, was supposed to be part of a panel “Please Check the Number and Dial Again: Doubt, Dysfunction, and the Price of Missed Opportunities” on Sunday.

The action from CPAC came after Media Matters for America, a research organisation, reported on Monday that Young Pharaoh told his followers that Judaism is a lie, made up for political gain and that Jewish people. He had allegedly also called them “thieving fake Jews.”

Yes, I do understand that there is a difference between canceling someone’s appearance at an event and social media censorship.

But how much of a difference is there?

The purpose of public shaming censorship is always to create a chilling effect: they want you to know that if you say certain things, it will affect your career.

Ben Shapiro is whining that Gina Carano was fired by Disney for saying that the Democrats are like Hitler, but you won’t find him crying for this rapper who questions Jews.

Furthermore, not one conservative stood up for me when I was banned from everything. Now they’re all getting banned – because the slippery slope is real – and they’re whining about it as if censorship just started in 2020.

The ideology here is the same as the left – that this rapper has “dangerous thoughts.” If they didn’t have the exact same basic mindset as the left, they would say: “we’ve learned about Young Pharaoh’s derogatory statements about Jews, so we’ve decided to invite him to a debate with prominent Jewish conservative Ben Shapiro!” That would send exactly the right message: “we might not agree with everything you say, but we believe in an open discussion of ideas.”

(I don’t even know if Shapiro would be willing to do it, but one of the “conservative Jews” would.)

But they think the same as the left. They think some thoughts are dangerous, and must be silenced.

It is hard to imagine something more symbolic of the Republican Party than canceling someone from an event against Democrats canceling people. The Republicans are always one step behind the Democrats.

“Yes, people should be canceled for talking about Jews, but not for talking about election fraud,” is just a version of:

  • “Yes, homosexuality should be legal, but it shouldn’t be out in public”
  • “Yes, homosexuality should be out in public, but they shouldn’t be allowed to marry”
  • “Yes, homosexuals should be allowed to marry, but they shouldn’t be allowed to molest children”

The GOP is the party of “let’s just take it a bit slower here.”

They are actually much more harmful than the Democrats, because they are supposed to be fighting for us, and they do the opposite. The Democrats say their agenda openly. The Republicans are sneaky traitors.

Give me an enemy on the battlefront over a traitor at my back any day.

Trump is Speaking on Sunday

Axios is reporting that Donald Trump is going to declare himself the forever leader of the Republican Party and the 2024 presumptive nominee at CPAC on Sunday. I don’t believe it just because it’s printed in Axios, but I wouldn’t be surprised. That will be stupid, and it will keep Republicans invested in politics, but I guess Trump going to war with Mitch McConnell will be funnier than what we’ve got going on now.

I don’t know how he’s planning to lead without any platform. But maybe he’s got some creative plan.

Frankly, running as a 2024 candidate might keep him out of prison. If Democrats are smart, they want to keep White America engaged in this politics charade as long as possible.

Or, they might be arrogant and unhinged enough that declaring continued involvement in politics would seal his fate, and they’d throw him in prison. That’s a standard banana republic behavior – jailing the opposition.

This would be the preferred outcome:

  1. Trump declares for 2024
  2. He’s thrown in prison by the Democrats
  3. Everyone sees it’s all fake
  4. States start agitating for secession

At the very least, I hope Trump sees this story and gets irritated and brings Young Pharaoh up on stage with him, and it goes something like:

Trump: “We don’t believe in cancel culture – come up here, Young. Come up here. Presidential pardon right here, Young Pharaoh is uncancelled. The RINOs canceled him – we’ve got RINOs working at CPAC, apparently – I’m officially uncanceling him.”

Young Pharaoh: “Sup Mr. President, sir. You’re my hero and like a father to me. I don’t have a father, and I felt like you raised me.”

Trump: “See, he’s a good kid. Good kid. I talked to him, he loves the Jews. He learned all about the Holocaust.”

Young Pharaoh: “Yeah, I axed the uh, coordinator, she told me about the hall of cost. And I heard six trillion Jews is poisoned in the shower.”

Trump: “Six trillion. I think it was six billion, but that’s okay. He’s a good kid. A lot of Jews. Very bad times. And we’re having very bad times in our country, with Sleepy Joe, who is a fake – and I call him a very fake president. I won that election by a lot, and I mean a really lot. Everyone knows it, we’ve seen the Dominion machines. The economy is in shambles.”

If funny stuff like that was happening, I think we would all be less agitated.

It’s one thing to be doomed, it’s quite another thing to be bored.