Lindsey Graham Gets Hit Up at the Airport, Called a Traitor, Told He Will Face Screaming Crowd Everywhere He Goes

Lindsey Graham was hit up on Friday trying to get on a plane at the airport in Washington, DC.

Mindy Robinson might be a whore and literally a porn actress, but in this moment, she is truly a hero.

Robinson and the crowd yelled that Graham is a traitor for approving the electoral college vote, and told him that it’s going to be like this wherever he goes.

I so deeply hope that this is true – and it might well be.

Right now, my main point is this: do not ever vote in another election.

Do not allow these people who betrayed us to continue to act with your consent.

I don’t care if the Democrats take over – if the Democrats take over, then the mask is off. No one can continue to claim that this is a “democracy” where “the people decide.”

No father on earth would allow Lindsey Graham to babysit their kids. And somehow, we are being told that this is the man that we chose to lead us?

We have to protest elections. We have to. Something new will come. It will have to.

Voting is no longer a way to change anything, because they can do fraud whenever they want.

Furthermore, we do not need these Republicans to be in power. They offer us precisely nothing, at all.

Lindsey Graham is one of the worst traitors in the history of this country, and he is a homosexual weirdo, probably into boys under the age of ten. He’s never been anything other than an Israeli spy.

The creepy bastard is out there talking about how Joe Biden is going to “heal the country.”

Lindsey: he stole the election so he could do a healing? That’s why people engage in massive electoral fraud? Because they want to do healing?

What even is “healing”?

Nimrata Randhawa told us last spring that healing means white people being forced to feel “personal pain.”

These are our representatives?

This has to end.