On Christianity

Andrew Anglin
Total Fascism
February 6, 2013

Our Race has a long history of drawing strength from the Christian doctrine.  It is a shame on your ancestors to speak of this faith in foul terms.
Our Race has a long history of drawing strength from the Christian doctrine. It is a shame on your ancestors to speak of this faith in foul terms.

I am personally ambiguous toward the metaphysical world. I have had personal experiences which have led me to understand, without a doubt, that there is most certainly something beyond the material realm, but understanding the details of this are something which I humbly consider to be beyond my personal capacity. However, one thing that is well within my capacity to understand is the clear reality that the masses need a system of spirituality with which to identify, and through which to express their higher nature and desire to commune both with one another, and with whatever lies beyond the borders of our perception. For well over a thousand years, the medium through which the European race did this was the Christian church.

Like it or not, the Christian faith is a fundamental part of White civilization, and has been for a long time.

I want to make it clear that I do not view any attacks on traditional Christianity or the image of Christ as helpful to our emerging movement. By attacking Christianity, we are not only alienating over half of the people who consider themselves White Nationalists, but we are disgracing our ancestors, who held the image of Christ to be sacred.

This is not, by any means, to say that I fault anyone for not desiring to associate themselves directly with the image of Christ. Respecting the beliefs of ones ancestors does not imply that we need to be slaves to them. I understand that many White Nationalists feel drawn to the pre-Christian spirituality of Europe; I myself am also interested in this. Clearly though, it is a prime directive of the Jew to degrade and destroy the Christian belief system, as regardless of the dogma, the values of our people are very much embodied within this spiritual system; such statements as those made by the anti-White shill Charles Giuliani, where he refers to Christ as a “Jew on a stick” should strike any White Nationalist as fundamentally offensive to the honor of our race.

Jewish Atheism

The one position on spiritual matters that I do take personal issue with is that of Atheism. I recently posted a piece about Wikipedia’s Jew lists, and one of these lists was of Jewish Atheists. The Jewish scientists (see lists) have provided the insane and illogical framework which has enabled their kinsmen to push this doctrine of materialist nihilism upon the people of their host nations, and they have packaged it as a hip “intellectual” trend. They push buttons in the psyche which allow weak people – angry at their parents, angry at their lot in life, angry with their total lack of power – to feel like they have achieved some type of monumental feat of will by embracing this ridiculous ideology of weakness.

The obese, sloppy Jew Christopher Hitchens played a major role in influencing weak minded people to embrace the Atheist doctrine of nihilistic materialism.
The obese, sloppy Jew Christopher Hitchens played a major role in influencing weak minded people to embrace the Atheist Jew doctrine of nihilistic materialism.

Clearly, those who take the position that there is nothing to the universe than the material realm are not simply intellectually and spiritually bankrupt, they are also necessarily going to manifest this ideology in the form of fear and generalized cowardice. And this is the Jew’s stake in selling you this gibberish.

This Jewish push toward Atheism has revolved around a concerted attack on Christianity. That point is not debatable. This is not to say that anyone who does not personally feel a desire to associate with the Christian symbols is influenced by this Jew agenda – far from it – but I fear that this Jewish anti-Christian agenda does influence many of the White Nationalists attacking Christianity, and this is, in my perception, intolerable.

If one truly wished to reform society by reintroducing pre-Christian beliefs, he would certainly not sink to the level of disrespectful attacks on the Christian faith. This is the method of the Jew – seeking to revolutionize society by tearing down traditional norms. One who desires simply to effect change within the consciousness of his people would instead approach the issue of Christianity without excessive emotion, with an understanding of where his people are.

Christianity Isn’t Jewish

Though I understand that the historical realities – or lack thereof – of the Christian mythology are less than clear, I think one thing should be understood: Christianity is not Jewish.

I am not prepared to embrace the Christian Identity perspective that the entire Old Testament was written by and about Aryan men, but it is worth mentioning that Jesus, in the New Testament, does plainly acknowledge the Jew as a racial enemy; for instance, in John 8:44, Jesus says to the Jew:

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Though Judeo-Christian scholars have attempted to interpret this metaphorically (which they do when it fits them, while also making insane literal interpretations of things such as the Book of Revelations, which has always been interpreted in metaphorical terms, introducing a bunch of science fiction madness) in order to justify their deranged, sexual obsession with worshiping the Jewish race as godlike beings, it is plain that he is referring to a blood lineage and the manifestation of racial behavioral characteristics.

One must also note that it would be physically impossible for a Jew to formulate the philosophy that Jesus presented. These ideas of love and brotherhood, of a rejection of materialism in favor of a primarily spiritual existence – these are beyond the biological capacity of the Jew. It is thus impossible to imagine that Christ, or whoever came up with the story of Christ, was a genetic Jew.

It is impossible to imagine that the Biblical figure of Christ, who preached a rejection of materialism in favor of spiritual transcendence, was a racial Jew.
It is impossible to imagine that the Biblical figure of Christ, who preached a rejection of materialism in favor of spiritual transcendence, was a genetic Jew.

But more important than the technical historical origins of the religion is how it was applied in White society. The religion of Christianity has only ever been loosely based on the actual texts themselves, given that there is no clear and comprehensive instructive doctrine explaining how to run a society to be found in the New Testament, as there is in the Quran. It was thus up to the Romans to superimpose an ordered social and moral system on to the images drawn from the text. This ordered system, only vaguely inspired by the actual book itself, was entirely White.

The problems which the Catholic Church suffered from historically were mainly due to corruption. It was not until the modern era that Judaism became a serious influence on Christian doctrine, with the Jews infiltrating the Catholic Church through Freemasonry, and creating a new version of Protestantism based almost entirely on the worship of the Jew as a godlike race, through publications such as the Scofield Reference Bible.

Traditional Christian values are absolutely in line with what I wish to create, because regardless of its origins or historical veracity, traditional Christianity is an expression of White genetics.

Christian Antisemitism

It is necessary to be pragmatic about all of this. The bottom line here, given that it really isn’t anyone’s business what someone else wants to believe about the nature of divinity, is whether or not Christianity is capable of being antisemitic to a necessary extent. The answer to this is quite clearly “yes.” Christianity has proven itself, throughout the last 2000 years, to be incredibly versatile. Given the reality that, as I have said, the New Testament contains no clear instructive doctrine, combined with the fact that so much of what Jesus is recorded as having said and done is confusing and seemingly contradictory, the Christian faith can take on a seemingly infinite variety of forms.

Many of the traditional incarnations of Christianity have been staunchly antisemitic. Both Catholicism and Protestantism have a history of offering direct opposition to the Jew. Though we obviously need to stand against the modern incarnations of Jew-worshiping Christianity, if an individual chooses to accept the Christian doctrine, as well as stand against the Jew, I see absolutely no reason at all why they should be berated or chastised for their personal beliefs.

Christian Identity, which has become rather popular among White Nationalists, is a form of Christianity which has done its best to remove any and all association with the Jewish race from its doctrine, and whatever one thinks of the historical veracity of their position, it is ridiculous to view such a group as anything other than our racial brothers and a clear ally in the fight against the monstrosity that is International Jewry.

Emotional Attacks a Sign of Personal Weakness

What I am seeing a lot within the discussions of religion are very emotional, womanlike attacks on Christianity by individuals who clearly have not developed a capacity to think logically or pragmatically. These individuals, with their insults and insistence that others think like them, come across as incredibly weak. There is clearly no good reason why, if one chooses not to believe in Christianity, he should feel a need to attack or insult others who do.

The founder of Protestantism, Martin Luther, like many strong Christian leaders before and after him, hated the Jews.
The founder of Protestantism, Martin Luther, like many strong Christian leaders before and after him, hated the Jews.

What a person who insists on becoming emotional about these issues proves is that he has an unstable emotional makeup, and feels personally threatened by what another person holds sacred, probably due to difficult experiences in childhood. I want all of you who have this tendency to insult and denigrate those who follow some version of Christianity to take note of your own volatile emotional state, and ask yourself if this is truly what you wish to present yourself as. Because for those of us who do not have this type of weakness in us, your feminine emotional fragility is plainly apparent.

This goes back to the issue I have already mentioned regarding the Jewish attacks on Christianity. Please look up videos of Atheists on YouTube and take note of how pathetic and weak they clearly are. Those who are not Jews are simply whining losers, apparently angry at their Christian parents for not taking proper care of them, and are thus adopting this Jewish cultural disease of Atheism as a means to create a false self-esteem.

We should take note that we rarely, if ever, see these types of emotional attacks coming from self-proclaimed Christians, whereas we constantly see them aimed at Christians. This in itself indicates that Christianity, in the forms which appeal to White Nationalists, is something which is more than capable of helping an individual achieve emotional maturity.


Again, Christianity is versatile. At its worst, it represents mere Jew-worship, while at its best, it represents the core values of our race in a way that it should be impossible for any White Nationalist to complain about. Whatever your personal views on the doctrine might be, any emotionally mature adult is surely capable of recognizing the plain reality that no cohesive White movement is ever going to be able to exist on a basis of insulting and attacking the Christian faith, and thus that any individual who spends his time attacking the Christian faith is either wittingly or unwittingly serving to undermine the cohesiveness of our movement.

Those of you who feel the need to attack Christianity simply need to man-up and deal with whatever emotional weaknesses you are suffering from, because you surely cannot make the argument that your attacks are constructive in any way. This is not to say you cannot hold your own opinions on spiritual matters – that is something which is every person’s individual right; it is merely to say that you need to have honor, and respect the positions of your brothers when it comes to their right to hold their own opinions on these very personal matters.

We do not need Christians, Pagans or Creativity followers in this movement – what we need are adult men who are capable of behaving in a cohesive manner, cooperating with members of their race. If you are incapable of this, please return to your Jewish video games and porno and let real men take care of business. This White Nationalist movement has no place for emotionally volatile children.