Subversive Jew Adam Kokesh Plans New Bolshevik Revolution as Last-Ditch Attempt to Resurrect His Dying Internet Celebrity

Total Fascism
Andrew Anglin
May 4, 2013

Fear not, fair goyim - this Jew is not going to overthrow your government.  He is just faking it for the shekels.
Fear not, fair goyim – this Jew is not going to overthrow the government. He is just faking it for the shekels.

Having realized that no one cares about his degenerate YouTube rants, the “Rabid Rabbi” Adam Kokesh has announced plans to launch an armed Jewish take-over of the already Jew-run US government. He says he and his Jewish comrades are going to March on Washington and “overthrow the government” this Independence Day.

Witness the announcement of his plot on the Alex Jones Show:

The Mystery

Speaking like a typical Jew, Kokesh claims that this planned “armed revolt against the government” will be “nonviolent,” leading many to wonder what the hell he is even talking about – how can a “peaceful march” also be an “armed revolt”?

Mystery Solved

The fact is, this is pure spectacle designed to resurrect Kokesh’s failing internet celebrity. Once a hot figure in the online “patriot” community after having got arrested at a couple “Veteran’s Against the War” protests in 2007 (it doesn’t take much to be a hot figure in the online “patriot” community), he was invited to speak at a 2008 Ron Paul rally, and was even able extort $273,770 from fanatical Alex Jones fanboys by running for Congress in New Mexico in 2010. After the congressional run he was given a radio show, “Adam vs. The Man,” on a local AM in Albuquerque, which in turn landed him a spot on the YouTube channel which claims to be TV network (but is not actually on anyone’s TV), Russia Today, in 2011.

This is how you get on the Alex Jones Show.
This is how you get on the Alex Jones Show.

However, he could not ride that wave forever – the Rabid Rabbi was bound for a gnarly wipe-out. Shortly after being hired by RT, he was fired from RT, presumably due to his fundamentally unlikable personality and incapacity to say anything even mildly interesting. He then attempted to transform this contentless scam into a YouTube show, which he hired a man named Derrick J to write for him (subsequently Jewing him out of hundreds of dollars). Eventually, he reached the point he was at before announcing a new Bolshevik Revolution, getting only a few hundred views on his idiotic, boring YouTube videos.

He needed to breath life back into his failed career of doing nothing and making money at it. This is not a seditious revolution. It is an (admittedly clever) attempt to gain media attention, and if you type his name into Google News, you can see that it has paid off. Salon, Think Progress, Business Insider and many others are reporting on his über-edgy announcement.

Conspiracy? Possibly So

It has been suggested by some that this is more than a mere publicity stunt, that this Jew could be staging an event designed to make gun owners look like dangerous madmen, and thus further the Jewish citizen (read: White) disarmament program. Following through on his stated agenda of marching across the river from Virginia into DC would absolutely result in either a shoot-out or massive arrests with felony charges filed. Obviously, either result would be very good for the Jewish system.

It could well be that Adam has made a backroom deal with some of his more successful kinsmen, and will go ahead and lead some confused goyim who are gullible enough to follow him into a trap.

In my opinion, the most likely explanation for this silliness is that Adam Kokesh is merely a Jew doing what Jews do best – creating unnecessary confusion in his host society for a profit. He probably believes that he will either be arrested before the day of the march, or at least before he crosses the bridge, and thus the charges will be something benign like “disorderly conduct” or “intent to induce a panic.” He will do a few days in jail and bask in highly profitable publicity for another few years.

However, it is indeed possible that something very weird could be brewing here. I wouldn’t put anything past these Jews.



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