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Trump Continues to Back Gooks in Anti-Affirmative Action Fight

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer August 31, 2018 Pictured: A gook who has just been denied admission to Harvard in favor of an 81 IQ nigger. Backing gooks was a brilliant way to attack affirmative action. Not simply because it elegantly maneuvers around accusations of racism, but because it would be hard to find a bunch of white people willing to ...

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Failed “No Child Left Behind” Law Replaced by Even More Implausibly Entitled “Every Student Succeeds” Act

Steve Sailer VDARE December 11, 2015 Early in the 21st Century, noted education experts Ted Kennedy and George W. Bush got together to push through Congress the bipartisan No Child Left Behind act mandating that 100% of American public school students be above average by last year. As luck would have it, that didn’t actually happen. But now Obama has ...

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