The Anatomy of a People’s Movement

Total Fascism
Andrew Anglin
January 18, 2013

Rise like Lions
Rise like lions.

All great movements are people’s movements. They are the volcanic eruptions of human passions set off either by the cruel Goddess of Desperation or by the torch of the word as it is thrown to the masses. They are not the sweet words of smooth-talk, literature, and heroes. Only a storm of hot passion can change the “Fate of a People”. Passion can only be aroused by a man who feels it inside of himself. Only the possessor of passion can give the words that will open the gates to the people’s heart like a hammer.A man who has no passion and whose mouth is closed has not been chosen by Heaven as a Messenger of its Will. Let writers stick to their ink-pens and do “theoretical” work if their intelligence and ability will let them. He has not been born of chosen to be a Leader.

A movement that hopes to achieve great things must be alert and keep its connection with the common people. Every question must be considered from that standpoint and decided with that view. A movement must avoid anything that might reduce or even slightly weaken its ability to influence the masses. Without the mighty force of a great people, no great ideas, however noble and exalted, can possibly be achieved.

–Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

It has come to me that the movement we are in the process of forming needs a more direct focal point. This focal point must necessarily be the masses, as the strength of our people lies in the soul of the working man. To this end, it is required that we put aside condescending and pretentious intellectualism in favor of a message which is easily understood, while also maintaining brutal honesty.

The failure of the Ron Paul movement can be found both in its obsessive desire to reach the common man through intellectualism, as well as its fundamental dishonesty, its attempt to make a message palatable to the masses through ignoring hard and notable realities.

Though it is upon our intelligentsia to understand the intricacies involved in the economic, political and social order, this is not the duty of the worker, and putting this upon him is a sure path to failure. His mind is one which seeks simplicity, his soul is one which seeks guidance from above him. His desire is to heed to the will of great men. If great men are not to be found, he will satisfy himself by heeding to the will of men who are packaged and presented to him in the symbols of greatness, rather than attempt to understand the intellectual messages presented to him by men of a nobler character.

Beyond this, the worker has an almost preternatural capacity to grasp truth when it is presented to him in a simple form, and he is intrinsically drawn to it. If all things are equal, the truthfulness of a message will give the party presenting this message a decided upper-hand over those presenting falsehoods.

In the present “truth movement,” we are able to clearly see two grave errors being made by its would-be leaders. The reigning doctrine is one of both astonishing complexity as well as abject falsehood. The worker is not interested in ancient history, he is interested in the now. He is not interested to know the intricacies of the workings of the Federal Reserve banking system, he is interested in feeding his family. Nor is he interested in understanding how his present attitudes were given to him through a scientific process of indoctrination through the education system and the mass media, he is interested in having new views presented to him through which he can formulate a new image of himself.

On top of this, it is only a lunatic who is drawn in by fairy tales involving mysterious forces and satanic rituals. The masses can see the men who are feeding on them, if one points to them, they will know they are humans with names and faces. If members of the audiences of these talkers in the truth movement do not have existing tendencies toward mental illness, the stories about occult forces and secret plans are taken as ridiculous, or at best as entertainment.

The truth, reduced to its most simple form, must be the core of our presentation; this truth is that the Jew is responsible for the destruction of our people. The masses cannot understand the concept of an ideological enemy, they can only understand the concept of a physical enemy. The Jew, being an alien creature, is an enemy that it is easy for the masses to understand. There is no real need to convolute this message by attempting to differentiate between different sorts of Jews, or attempting to provide over-complicated explanations regarding their religious and political ideologies. The enemy is not an idea, it is not a belief system, it is a race of people.

The Situation on the Ground

I am mainly gearing this site toward those with intellectual proclivities. The masses need people who can think in grander terms to lead them. Presently, most people with the capacity to lead are pushing different angles, and thus we are failing to present a coherent and consistent message for the folk. We need to streamline this message and present a unified front, if we are to have any hope at all of winning this fight.

I believe the following things need to be agreed upon:

  • Race exists
  • The Jews are a race
  • The Jews are the root cause of all serious problems in our society
  • Man is intrinsically spiritual in nature
  • Man is intrinsically collectivist in nature
  • The traditions and values of our people must be wholly embraced, the ideologies of the Jew wholly rejected
  • America cannot be saved, all of the old system must be thrown out completely
  • Compromise is treason

On top of this, we must recognize people’s individual religious beliefs, or lack thereof, as a personal matter which cannot become a focal point of the larger movement.

More and more people are getting on board with this. We need more websites, more people giving the same message in different ways, as we continue to build up a group of men who will serve as a base for our revolution.

The Future

As long as we remain on the internet, it will be impossible for serious changes to be made. In the near future, a real political party will need to be formulated, and we will need to use any means necessary to overturn the present system and replace it with one which will allow our race to flourish.

We do not seek to imitate the precise system of the NSDAP, we seek to use the principles of that movement to serve as a basis for a movement of our own creation. The methods that the National Socialists used to obtain power must also be embraced, though modified for our present situation. As the Republican party moves towards embracing multiculturalism, a void is being created within the mainstream of American politics, one which will be easily exploitable. Our position represents that of the vast majority of the folk, the working White man who is still the core of American society.

This is not a fight for the weak of nature, not a fight for the coward who wishes merely to protect himself and his petty material lifestyle. We seek not to maintain the present order of things, but to overthrow it entirely, to tear down the image of man as a fragile consumer of material goods and trivial entertainment, to replace it with one of honor, strength, blood and heritage.

Fortify your spirits, dear brothers, for the hour quickly approaches. In the name of our ancestors, we shall rise like lions.

The future is ours, if we wish it to be so.

Hail Victory.