The Devil is Real

Kamala Harris laughs maniacally as she declares victory over the once-Christian nation of America.

Kamala Harris appeared before Joe Biden at the victory speech on Saturday night, but in fact, she is the main attraction.

Joe Biden is barely holding it together. No one could seriously claim that he is capable of waking up in the morning and shaving and taking a shower without assistance. So, the idea that he is capable of running a country is simply absurd.

Kamala Harris will be in charge, and she will likely assume the role of president within the first year. There is effectively zero chance that he will fill out his full first term. Biden was simply a Trojan horse for this Whore of Babylon to ride in on.

Who is Kamala Harris?

Well, for one thing she’s a practicing Hindu. Although she was sold to America as “black,” she never had any association at all with the African-American community in this country until she began having sex with Mayor Willie Brown for job promotions in her twenties.

Growing up in Canada, with only her mother raising her, she was taught that she was an Indian Hindu. Her experience certainly appears to have been very Indian. This is her in the middle:

Her “faith” was never brought up during the election – neither the primary nor the general election.

However, the New York Times did admit that her identity is Indian.

What did Kamala do during her many visits to India?

Who knows.

The New York Times says she met with her family to talk about the struggles for civil rights in America. That seems improbable.

Here’s a very interesting piece from The Guardian in 2006 about what some people in India do.

Remember, this is not fiction.

The Guardian:

A painted image of the Hindu goddess Kali is propped up against a stone in the dirt, her long red tongue goading terrified worshippers into submission. From one of her eight flailing arms a severed head dangles, her neck is adorned by a necklace of bleached human skulls.

There are bloodstains on the cracked wall behind the terrible postcard-size image and, around the dark room, splattered gore on the heavy wooden furniture. These dark marks bear witness to a child sacrificed in the name of the abominable goddess.

Through the doorway, in the distance, colourfully dressed women are bent double, toiling in the fields, their faces worn and wrinkled from the sun, their hands cracked from digging at the dry earth from dawn until dusk.

It’s an intolerable life in the remote village of Barha, a squalid collection of mud-bricked farmers’ dwellings in the heart of the impoverished province of Khurja, Uttar Pradesh. This corner of rural India is a lawless place of superstitions and deep prejudice. The region, known for its sugarcane, is a tortuous eight-hour drive from Delhi and a lifetime away from the 21st century.

In Bulandshahr, the nearest town of any description, locals whispered darkly of happenings in Barha. Their advice was unanimous: ‘Don’t go. It is an evil place. The people there are cursed.’

Sumitra Bushan, 43, who lived in Barha for most of her life, certainly thought she was cursed. Her husband had long abandoned her, leaving her with debts and a life of servitude in the sugarcane fields. Her sons, Satbir, 27, and Sanjay, 23, were regarded as layabouts. Life was bad but then the nightmares and terrifying visions of Kali allegedly began, not just for Sumitra but her entire family.

She consulted a tantrik, a travelling ‘holy man’ who came to the village occasionally, dispensing advice and putrid medicines from the rusty amulets around his neck.

His guidance to Sumitra was to slaughter a chicken at the entrance to her home and offer the blood and remains to the goddess. She did so but the nightmares continued and she began waking up screaming in the heat of the night and returned to the priest. ‘For the sake of your family,’ he told her, ‘you must sacrifice another, a boy from your village.’

Ten days ago Sumitra and her two sons crept to their neighbour’s home and abducted three-year-old Aakash Singh as he slept. They dragged him into their home and the eldest son performed a puja ceremony, reciting a mantra and waving incense. Sumitra smeared sandalwood paste and globules of ghee over the terrified child’s body. The two men then used a knife to slice off the child’s nose, ears and hands before laying him, bleeding, in front of Kali’s image.

In the morning Sumitra told villagers she had found Aakash’s body outside her house. But they attacked and beat her sons who allegedly confessed. ‘I killed the boy so my mother could be safe,’ Sanjay screamed. All three are now in prison, having escaped lynch mob justice. The tantrik has yet to be found.

Police in Khurja say dozens of sacrifices have been made over the past six months. Last month, in a village near Barha, a woman hacked her neighbour’s three-year-old to death after a tantrik promised unlimited riches. In another case, a couple desperate for a son had a six-year-old kidnapped and then, as the tantrik chanted mantras, mutilated the child. The woman completed the ritual by washing in the child’s blood.

‘It’s because of blind superstitions and rampant illiteracy that this woman sacrificed this boy,’ said Khurja police officer AK Singh. ‘It’s happened before and will happen again but there is little we can do to stop it. In most situations it’s an open and shut case. It isn’t difficult to elicit confessions – normally the villagers or the families of the victims do that for us. This has been going on for centuries; these people are living in the dark ages.’

According to an unofficial tally by the local newspaper, there have been 28 human sacrifices in western Uttar Pradesh in the last four months. Four tantrik priests have been jailed and scores of others forced to flee.

The killings have focused attention on Tantrism, an amalgam of mystical practices that grew out of Hinduism. Tantrism also has adherents among Buddhists and Muslims and, increasingly, in the West, where it is associated with yoga or sexual techniques. It has millions of followers across India, where it originated between the fifth and ninth centuries. Tantrik priests are consulted on everything from marital to bowel problems.

I have no evidence whatsoever that Kamala Harris took part in human sacrifice rituals to gain power from dark forces while visiting India.

I’m just saying:

  • She’s got a pretty unlikely story
  • She makes regular trips to India
  • Doing human sacrifice in India is nothing (costs probably less than $300 to kidnap a child, mutilate it and bathe in its blood before sacrificing it to a demon goddess)

Oh, and she looked like this when she announced that she is seizing power:

Has she cut off a 3-year-old’s nose and ears, smeared the child’s blood over her body and laid his still screaming body in front of an altar to Kali?

Again, there is no evidence of that.

But I would be shocked if she hadn’t.

There is debate among Christians as to whether the devil and his minions have the ability to grant powers to those that serve them. I am a complete believer that demons can and do grant earthly power to their servants.

I think that is the only way to explain the fact that the Jews did it for all of those years. The Jews in general are not especially superstitious people, and yet for centuries, they’ve engaged in human sacrifice rituals. My thinking is that the rabbis have tested it scientifically and their god Lucifer gives them power when they do these sacrifices.

Oh, by the way – Kamala Harris is married to a Jew.

She married Jew lawyer Douglas Emhoff in 2014, when they were both 49. This is her first marriage. Obviously, it was a marriage of convenience for both of them. You don’t “fall in love” in your late forties with a dried up womb that has never borne fruit.

Kamala Harris:

  • Is only famous because she was able to suck the dicks of powerful men
  • Is completely despised by everyone
  • Lost the primaries very early on
  • Someone who ended up the de facto pick for the US presidency

I think she is involved in dark arts, and I think that is what got her to where she is.

I feel very strongly about this, despite there being no evidence.

What there is evidence of is that this woman is absolutely power mad. That is the only purpose of her existence. You have to understand that women are simply brutal people. They do not have ideals or agendas to promote, beyond their own personal quests. An old childless woman never cares about anything other than power.

As a Christian, I believe I have a certain ability to sense evil and the presence of demons. I think that all modern women have demons floating around them, in and out of them, but Kamala Harris is a filthy, stinking hive of satanic energy.

When she debated Mike Pence, Pence had a fly land on his head.

I could only think of Candyman, a Clive Barker creation from the Books of Blood – he is a brown-skinned demonic entity that sends swarms of insects out of his body.

Clive Barker is the creator of Hellraiser. I believe that as a homosexual, he has a special insight into real evil. Once when I was telling someone that I thought Hellraiser showed the way that I imagine real demons would manifest, and how I refused to watch it because of that, that individual told me: “the devil has prophets too.”

Remember that the fly on Pence’s head became the defining moment of the debate. Even just a few weeks later, it is the only thing anyone remembers about it.

I believe with all of my heart that Kamala Harris is pure evil, and that she is planning to unleash absolute hell on this country.

The Whore in Revelation represents the Western ZOG system.

But having an actual whore bring in this system is very fitting.

Watch out.