The Saturday Night Live Presidential Debate Parody is the Least Funny Thing I’ve Seen

The Saturday Night Live presidential debate parody which aired on Saturday night was almost shockingly lame.

It’s frightening that this is the big budget social weapon of the Democrats and they can’t put together something funnier than this.

Jim Carrey has been doing Joe Biden for several weeks now, and this is the first time NBC posted the clip on YouTube – obviously because the previous ones were not considered funny enough to share, and were in fact embarrassingly unfunny enough to hide.

Seriously, after the first time Carrey played Biden, I went looking for the clip and couldn’t find it anywhere on the internet. I guess I could have torrented the entire episode, but I just gave up.

This last sketch they apparently felt was good enough to expose the masses to, and I can’t believe how dull and try-hard it is.

Alec Baldwin has always had a hard time with the Trump impression, which has always seemed confusing in that it doesn’t even register as a Trump impression, but rather a generalized “grumpy old man” impression.

He clearly hates Trump, and it makes it impossible for him to do an impression, because to impersonate someone, you have to have some kind of affection for them.

Jim Carrey apparently doesn’t like Joe Biden very much either, because he is really struggling. As would be expected, he does good with the faces.

Carrey made a career out of making funny faces. So you’d expect that.

But the entire character is totally confusing, and I don’t really see where he’s even drawing inspiration from. Obviously, he can’t do a real impression of Biden, as there is no way to not have that be offensive. So he’s apparently doing an impression of what he thinks should be the impression that the American people have of Biden. And that just becomes confusing.

Carrey was also struggling with the live setting. He kept screwing up his lines in a way you wouldn’t really expect from a professional actor, especially one who got his start doing live comedy. He confused the words “melatonin” and “melanin” when trying to make a joke about Barack Obama being black. Virtually every line he had he bungled in some way.

Along with the poor job from both actors, the writing is just terrible. The writing should be something that is easy to get right, as you have well-paid people, as many as you need, going through and figuring out jokes. But they just totally failed.

I’m not exaggerating here: I have seen funnier sketches from high school kids on YouTube. In fact, I would say the average (male) high schooler who gets more than 1,000 views on YouTube is funnier than this.

They’re not doing themselves any favors here. When your attacks on Trump are this try-hard and cringe, it makes people want to side with Trump so they’re not associated with something so totally uncool.