They’re Coming for Everything and They’re Coming Right Now

Everybody just needs to understand: there is no limit on how far this is going to go.

The elite have made the decision to do the biggest possible, the biggest imaginable crackdown on the right-wing. We are all going to be portrayed as terrorists, Donald Trump is being stripped of his assets and is probably going to jail, they’re shutting down all the websites and apps and everything else and the feds are coming to your house.

The most important thing to remember here is to not talk to the feds. Just – whatever happens. Don’t say anything to them. As soon as you say something, you’re doomed.

You say:

“Am I under arrest?”

If they say no, you say:

“Am I free to go?”

If they say yes, you say:

“I demand a state-appointed lawyer.”

That’s all.

Nothing more.

“Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” They have to say that for a reason: because it’s true.

You need to prepare yourself to deal with this.

And you need to prepare yourself for what happens if you get arrested.

They will put you in a room alone, and you will have a drive to talk to someone, anyone. Then they will send in a really friendly guy to say “they let me in just to see how you’re doing, I noticed you coming in and you really don’t seem like a criminal. Are you doing okay? Is there anyone you want me to try to call for you?”





If you’re detained, you only say one word: “lawyer.”

They can’t detain you indefinitely without a lawyer. Or, if it turns out they can, talking to them still doesn’t help you.

God is Watching

If you are ever alone, remember you are not alone.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is in the room with you, wherever you are. And if you do the wrong thing, he’s gonna see you do the wrong thing, and you’re going to have to explain that.

Do not be a Keemstar. Don’t snitch. Don’t sell anyone out. If you go down, go down with dignity.

Try not to go down and try to keep as many people as possible from going down. I don’t think we’re all going down.

But we are facing a very, very real possibility of serious raids, camps, the whole deal.

Before 1/6, I said that I thought Joe Biden would come in meekly, as to not scare anyone. I no longer think that. I still have to think about it, but what we are seeing now is shock and awe, and I don’t know how far this is going to go.

You should in fact rejoice at the shock and awe – for it means they are scared, and they know that they are running out of time to run wild.

So I just want all of you that have eyes to see and ears to hear to ask Christ to guide you, to fill you with His Holy Spirit, and to protect you and give you the strength to deal with what is coming.

I’m not becoming a preacher, but this needs to be said: it is only by the will of God that any of us are going to make it through this, collectively or individually.

And I can tell you the one thing that I know for certain: before this is all over, every knee will bow.

There will be those who will stand with pride at the throne of our Lord and Savior, and those who will be thrown into the pit.

And it is your decision which way you go.

In fact, it is going to be a series of decisions, and some of them are going to be very, very difficult.

Focus on what’s real: you were not made for this world, you are not of this world. You were made for the world beyond, and that is where your eternal home lies.

All of this – all of your experiences on this earth – they are all simply part of your journey home, to where you belong.