Trump Visits His Fence, Gives Terrible Speech (But Don’t Take It Seriously)

Dually elected president of America Donald Trump went to Texas to visit his stupid fence and gave a crappy speech.

He is acting like he’s accomplished something with the fence, but obviously, he hasn’t. Joe Biden will just tear it down, or invite people around it. Maybe just put doors on it. Whatever. Point is: it means literally nothing, because all of the immigration policies of Trump are going to be immediately wiped out, as will most of everything else he did.

One thing won’t be, however, and that is the events of 1/6, at which point Trump was like some kind of actual God King, who created a spectacle so funny that history will never forget it.

Frankly, I don’t recommend watching this speech. He sort of denounces the Capitol Heroes again (sort of) and then does some weird campaigning for some reason, and acts like he did something meaningful that is going to last.

But I will also advise you: don’t let this get you down too much. History won’t remember that Trump gave a statement saying he thought the riot was bad. It will only remember that Trump started the most awesome riot ever.

Trump is on the way out, he’s either going to prison or Russia, and only his legend will matter. What we need to focus on is creating a positive Trump legend. We need to focus on portraying him as a tragic hero who attempted to save America, but was destroyed by evil, and frankly primarily Jewish, forces within the United States, who stabbed him in the back and then eventually overthrew him.

His last gasp was to start an awesome but botched riot, during which some guy totally violated a podium. The podium was an enemy of the people, and it deserved much worse.

Just don’t do this: don’t get all down about “oh woe is me, Trump betrayed us, woe to us and ours and me.” That doesn’t do anything, it doesn’t help anything, and if you’re doing that, you’re just an emotional little baby and actually a faggot

Trump is a tragic figure, he did the best he could, and now he’s a scared old man, who is also sad his whole thing came undone, and isn’t really thinking clearly. He doesn’t denounce you. He loves you. I promise you that: he loves you and he cares that you fought for him, and even when he’s in the gulag, he is going to remember that you fought for him. He just doesn’t know what’s going on, he’s seeing everything fall apart, he’s seeing in a harsh way that he never had before that his personal future and his legacy are absolute disasters.

He was never invincible, he was never a rock hard monster of a man, he just appeared that way. He is scared like anyone would be, seeing this coming down on him like it is.

He’s not in his right mind, and these statements mean nothing.

What means something is how we framed the Legend of Trump. He is a hero, he is a martyr, he did his best, and he lost because the devil was just too strong for one man to beat alone.

He tried. He failed. That’s life. And life goes on.

We are still here. And we are not one man. We are an army, and we have Christ at our backs, and we are going to keep going.

What happened on Wednesday, January 6 was a truly amazing thing, and the people stand with the Stormers, which is why they are cracking down so hard. But we will weather the storm. We know now we have the people behind us. The lines are drawn. There is us and there is them, and we are going to fight.

There are 70 million of us, ready to go.

They can’t kill all of us.

Long Live the Fighters