Two Million for a Black Militant Cop Killer?

Incog Man
May 3, 2013


You might have read something about the FBI putting Joanne Chesimard, a 65 year-old militant sheboon on the Most Wanted “terrorist” list and offering two million dollars for her return to US jurisdiction (except for the dead cop’s family, she really isn’t worth a GD plug nickel). What I don’t get is why they are doing all this now. They’ve known this creep has been in Cuba for literally decades. Hell, she’s had this big militant black website forum called Assata Shakur Zulu something for years.

The woman and her black militant friends killed this White cop way back in 1973.

The woman and her black militant friends killed Werner Foerster, a White policemen back in 1973. They’ve known where she’s been ever since.

I can save the taxpayer a ton of dough if they just grease my way with corrupt Cuban officials and set me up in a real nice beach-side cabana, while I personally take care of Shakur Zulu woman — using what’s left of the skinny bitch for a little shark fishing in Havana harbor. While down there, I’ll also talk smack with Castro’s brother over cuba libres and open up the place for the “hospitality industry,” i.e. my uncle Guido and his pleasant pals.

Hell, the grateful Cubans might even name a drink after me, when all is said and done.

What the Zionist traitors in DC probably figured is that it would be a good idea to put the militant black on the top terrorist list — one they plan to greatly expand soon with White Christian patriots and the usual Muzzies. If they were really serious about this one particular black militant or “terrorist” (don’t you love how they freely use that all the time now?) they would’ve gone after the creepy bitch ages ago.

Just think how the brainwashing media works it: They don’t dig too deep into any real facts about Chesimard, just “allow” the TV viewers to think it was a big terrorist discovery by the feds and “must be acted on for the sake of freedom” blah, blah. This is just another way they cleverly implant “memes” into the masses in this country. Think it out a bit and you’ll get the trick.

Putting her on the “terror” list is also what I call a FOB. They really don’t give a rat’s ass about her or even the dead cop’s family, but will simply use her to make themselves look “fair” when they go after anti-Zionists and us White patriots who had it with the subversive commie Jews effing up America. See what I’m saying? The clever bastards are thinking ahead and merely want to inject a little “diversity” into the terrorist list so their real line of attack is camouflaged. Cute.

I see right through the BS.

But, if they were really smart and had the taxpayer in mind, they would just quietly send your’s truly down there to take care of the matter with “extreme prejudice.”

JAY Z IN CHE TSHIRTI’ll stroll around town acting all so great, like Obongo’s butt buddy, “Jay Z” recently did in Havana; getting a few folks back in the US torqued that him and “Beyoncé” were freely allowed to visit Cuba, when the place is off-limits to regular American tourists.

I might even wear a Che Guevara t-shirt, like the bug-eyed fool, thinking he’s so cool and commie (right); when it’s obvious he doesn’t know jack about Che and what he was really like. Par for the course, with lefty morons now in America.

Hell, with what Che Guevara said about the Negroes being utterly worthless and how he put the limp-wristed “maricones” to work in the sugar cane fields, Che could well be INCOG’s main man — maybe his avatar.

“The black is indolent and fanciful, he spends his money on frivolity and drink.”

– Che Guevara

I might even have to head on out for some hot Latin action, like my hero, John Wayne, had a weak spot for. Don’t act all shocked. I’ve talked to a few upper class Cuban refugees from Castro in my time and they are definitely White Europeans, too. Maybe a bit hot-blooded and feisty as hell, but every bit as Caucasian as me.

Good Spanish Whites can’t stand the filthy sub-Saharans one bit. In fact, they know exactly how to deal with sorry Negroids and that’s something the lily-livered White multicults in the US will eventually have to figure out.

Remember it’s COMMIE Jew crap we’re fighting here. Once we awaken the White race to the Jew’s globalist manipulations against ALL OF US GOYIM and take serious action, we’ll make friends once again all over the world.

You know what I can’t stand about Shakka Zulu or whatever BS Africoon name she made up? And that’s creeps like her think they own the cool Caribbean look just because they be black. Think about it here, since they can’t let themselves look all Whitey, they steal the happy-time vacation clothes, the braids and seashells – trying to look all rasta – simply because the White-haters are far too lazy and chicken to move their sorry, worthless asses on to Africa proper.

They fully realize living in Africa might mean sleeping under galvanized tin sheets, crapping in the street with the chickens and having giant ugly insects turn their butt cracks into a baby bug nurseries. Plus, having to work hard as hell for around $1.17 a day in some hellish mud hole for a fat cat Jew blood diamond dealer living back in Tel Aviv. And that’s a good job in Africa!

Hell, just the idea of any kind of work is more than enough to keep a Westernized coon from moving back to Africa and staying in our lands and living on our dime. As the worthless idiots say every GD five seconds: You feel me?

So, only looking like an African, or a Rasta man, and screaming up a storm over racism is more than enough work for the spoiled black brats among us, thank you please.

So I definitely don’t think we need to spend a lousy two million dollars of taxpayer’s money on bringing back this old militant sheboon back alive, then having to pay for her incarceration and medical expenses in her “golden years.”

Just send the INCOG MAN down there. Hell, I’ll bring my own heavy-duty surf rod, steel leaders and big-ass salt water treble hooks and really put the bitch to work!

– Phillip Marlowe