UN Mourns After Disgusting Picasso Painting Removed from Premises

This is like going to the doctor and having a tumor cut out, and then feeling sad that the tumor is gone.

CBS News:

For nearly 36 years, a tapestry depicting Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica” adorned the wall at the entrance to the 15-nation Security Council chamber at the United Nations’ New York headquarters. But the tapestry, a haunting and harsh reminder of the horrors of war, has since been removed and returned to its owner.

The tapestry was commissioned in 1955 by Nelson A. Rockefeller and was loaned to the United Nations in 1984, Chef de Cabinet Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti said in a letter to the Security Council’s president. Viotti added that Rockefeller’s son, Nelson A. Rockefeller Jr., had recently, “notified the United Nations of his intention to retrieve it,” and said the tapestry was returned earlier this month.

“We thank the Rockefeller family for having loaned this powerful and iconic work of art for more than 35 years,” U.N. spokesperson Stephane Dujarric told CBS News.

“It’s horrible, horrible that it is gone,” U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told CBS News as he walked past the now-empty wall, en route to receive the credentials of President Biden’s new Ambassador to the U.N.

He threw up his arms and lamented: “We tried so hard to keep it here, we tried and tried, but we did not succeed.”

That’s probably what this fat bastard would say if he ever lost weight.

That Picasso painting is about as attractive as this man’s neck.

I wonder if these sickening, soulless people just say things like “Picasso was a good artist” because they’re trendy and they just say what they think other people would want them to say, or if they’re so sick inside they actually believe ugliness is beauty?

With some of it, it has to be the former. Because like – Rothko?

No one goes to a display of that and is thinking “oh wow, such meaningful beauty.” It’s an “emperor has no clothes” situation, where no one wants to be called out as “not getting it.”

As I noted earlier today, modern art was a CIA plot.

The Picasso painting is about as beautiful as the UN building itself, I suppose.

Why does the United States allow the United Nations to operate within its borders? This is an organization that claims sovereignty over the United States.