We Have to Change the National Anthem Because of the Blacks

Do people think there is some point where the creatures tearing down our culture are going to say, “okay, that should be good, we’ve destroyed enough, it looks fine now”?

Because I can promise you, there will be no such point.

Either we’re going to have to stand up and say “no,” or they’re just going to destroy everything.

Yahoo! News:

In an increasingly antiracist era when problematic iconography — ranging from Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben to even the Dukes of Hazzard General Lee car and country band Lady Antebellum’s name — is being reassessed, revised or retired, America’s national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” seems to be striking a wrong note.

Last week, protesters in San Francisco toppled a statue of the song’s composer, Francis Scott Key, a known slaveholder who once said that African Americans were “a distinct and inferior race of people, which all experience proves to be the greatest evil that afflicts a community.” This week, Liana Morales, an Afro-Latinx student at New York’s Urban Assembly School for the Performing Arts, refused to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at her virtual graduation ceremony, explaining to the Wall Street Journal, “With everything that’s happening, if I stand there and sing it, I’m being complicit to a system that has oppressed people of color.” Instead, Morales performed “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” a hymn widely considered to be the “Black national anthem.”

So, is it time for this country to dispense with “The Star-Spangled Banner” and adopt a new anthem with a less troubling history and a more inclusive message? Historian and scholar Daniel E. Walker, the author of No More, No More: Slavery and Cultural Resistance in Havana and New Orleans and producer of the documentary How Sweet the Sound: Gospel in Los Angeles, says yes.

“The 53-year-old in me says, we can’t change things that have existed forever. But then there are these young people who say that America needs to live up to its real creed,” Walker tells Yahoo Entertainment. “And so, I do side with the people who say that we should rethink this as the national anthem, because this is about the deep-seated legacy of slavery and white supremacy in America, where we do things over and over and over again that are a slap in the face of people of color and women. We do it first because we knew what we were doing and we wanted to be sexist and racist. And now we do it under the guise of ‘legacy.’”

They’re going to keep taking and taking and taking as long as they can get away with it.

The truly shameful thing about all of this is not that savages want to destroy civilization. That is normal and to be expected.

The truly shameful thing is that our own leaders will not stand up and push back against any of this.

As Tucker Carlson said earlier this week, as our entire country is being torn apart, House minority leader Mitch McConnell is out there talking about how we have to take a stand against the Assad Regime in Syria.

The sonovabitch posted the communist black fist emoji for Juneteenth!

Finally, in the last couple days, he’s started talking a little tiny bit about the statues – but the statues do not exist in a void. And if you’re going along with a black communist revolution, saying, “oh yeah but some of the statues maybe shouldn’t be torn down by a mob, we should allow the city governments to bring trucks in to remove them,” doesn’t mean much, does it?

Mitch McConnell has been equally mum about the attacks on our nation by this Jewish-controlled mob of savages.

But beyond the national leaders, state and local leaders are refusing to say much of anything.

Everyone is just sitting back and watching a slow motion implosion.