Alex Jones Crashes Lefty Censorship Meeting; Calls Them Nazis

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 1, 2018

Relevant timestamps: 4:45 and 9:10.

This is classic Alex Jones.

  • We have the documents!
  • “Liars and scum!”
  • George Soros was a Nazi
  • Chinese Communists
  • “You scratched my cornea!”

Solid, solid stuff.

Alex Jones is going back to his roots. 

I think a lot of what he says is retarded, but man oh man, I do respect the man’s energy and his fighter instinct.

He doesn’t ever tuck up and roll over. No, he just shouts louder and louder and gets crazier and crazier. Like, he doubles down on his whole madman shtick.

How can you not grudgingly respect that?

I started giggling uncontrollably at the 9:10 mark. This is top-notch entertainment here folks. We have the documents, ratings are UP UP UP!

Can’t argue with results, just can’t do it!

The Jews could have gone after literally anybody other than Alex and probably have gotten away with it.

Like, why would you pick a fight with Alex? 

If there’s a man crazy enough to take the fight to the kikes, it’s certainly Alex.

Bodies gonna hit the floor sooner rather than later.