AOC Calls for End to the First Amendment as Response to Capitol Storm

After the Capitol Storm, there is a pretext to crack down on the First Amendment.

Hilariously, they’re sending the spicy Latina out there to make the first move. Just to get the idea out there.

New York Post:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez revealed that Congress is looking into creating an investigative commission to “rein in” the media in the wake of the US Capitol siege.

During a lengthy Instagram Live on Tuesday evening where she revealed that she feared for her life during the siege, the “Squad” member accused the mainstream media of “spewing disinformation” ahead of the deadly riot in which five people died.

“There’s absolutely a commission that’s being discussed but it seems to be more investigating in style rather than truth and reconciliation,” she said.

“I do think that several members of Congress in some of my discussions have brought up media literacy because that is part of what happened here,” Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) went on.

We’re going to have to figure out how we rein in our media environment so you can’t just spew disinformation and misinformation,” she said.

“It’s one thing to have differentiating opinions, but it’s another thing entirely to just say things that are false, so that’s something that we’re looking into.”

So, this is the discussion.

This is where we are at.

Probably the most famous politician in America, other than Donald Trump, is openly calling for the First Amendment to be repealed.

Of course, they won’t actually repeal the First Amendment, they will just pass laws that bypass it. Or, they will just do more of this “private company” stuff, while selectively prosecuting media figures for “incitement.”

Remember: your internet comes from tubes that are controlled by private companies. These private companies could at any moment block you from visiting certain websites, such as the one you are reading right now.

That’s why you need to save our Tor address:


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The most important thing you need to do is this: prepare for things to get weird.

Talk to Jesus about it.

Everything indicates that these people are planning on relying on pure brutality. If they were planning anything different, they would be attempting to lower tensions. They are making no attempt at all to reduce tensions, and in fact, they are doing everything they can to try to escalate.

There has never been anything more obvious than the fact that the FBI is angry that so many people supported the Capitol Storm, and their response is going to be to try to incite real terrorism, to justify their terrorism narrative.

Protip: Stay the hell away from DC, basically forever.