Atlanta was the First Battle in a War That Won’t End Until Our Country is Back Under the Control of Americans


The assault on Georgia by Nick Fuentes and Alex Jones over the weekend was the most successful protest this country has seen in years. Tens of thousands of people gathered in the shithole city of Atlanta on Saturday to demand that the State Government there refuse to go along with this hoax.

Donald Trump himself tweeted out an article from Breitbart featuring the speeches of Nick Fuentes and others who went to the city to demand justice.

The article contained all of the video footage from the event, with a YouTube video featuring a thumbnail of the hero patriot Nick Fuentes right at the top of it.

Here’s that video, which is an extended 2 hour version showing most of the daytime event, including multiple speeches by Fuentes.

Here’s two cropped clips of Nick’s morning speeches.

And here’s one of his daytime speeches outside the Georgia capitol building.

Here’s a full playlist of collected clips, which will give you the full experience of the rally.

Here are some shorter clips of the crowd rallying.

Antifa and the blacks showed up, but had literally nothing.

Also on Saturday, ralliers appeared outside of the CNN headquarters in Atlanta, to condemn the Jewish propaganda outlet.

One of my favorite clips of the day was from outside the CNN building, which featured the hero and patriot Steel Puma explaining the plan to some mask guy.

After his historically important interview, a bitch tried to get tapped in, but Puma was too busy protecting the city from sodomites, nonwhites and homeless people.

The best full video of the CNN event was from our Japanese friend, Masako. She was the only one other than RSBN at these events doing professional filming, because apparently the #StopTheSteal people don’t have Jap levels of organization.

A night rally took place also, in front of the governor’s mansion.

The best video from that was also by the Japanese woman.

The second video of the night rally features the amazing speech of Steel Puma, along with what I believe was the best Fuentes speech of the entire weekend.

Nick Fuentes was born to lead a political movement. I simply cannot believe that we’ve been blessed with one such as he. God has smiled on us.

Later in the night, more things happened on livestreams, which were hilarious and inspiring. Most of that is cataloged on The Ralph Retort DLive, the Loulz DLive and the Steel Puma DLive (click “replays” on any of those channels).

The night ended with Steel Puma getting tapped out by some sodomite whilst he was trying to protect the city from sodomites, nonwhites and homeless people.

Surprise tap out.

Even after having been tapped out, however, he had not been maxxed out, and was soon MAGA stepping once again.

Full story here.

This Filled Me with Hope

I’m extremely hopeful about the future.

Many, many young people are 100% tapped in and ready to fight.

Everything that I have spent the better part of the last decade working 80 hour weeks fighting to make happen is now finally coming to fruition.

The young Trump supporters are wearing fitted pants, they have great optics, they are tapped in.

At the same time, the boomers are fed up, and they’re activating. They are ready to go.

Alex Jones has been backed into a corner and is going to be completely destroyed if we don’t win. He is a machine, and has been simply killing it on the streets over the last two weeks.

Even if we lose this election, we are still going to have these people ready to go.

Don’t despair.

If we lose the election, we are going to pivot into a secession movement. I have faith that all of these same people are going to be on-board with that battle, and it is a battle that we have the ability to win.

Even still: we can win this election. There are a lot of things that can happen between now and January 20.

Keep your head up, do not despair.

This fight is very far from over. It has in fact only just begun.

What You Need to Do

Get to these events.

This war has only just begun.

Atlanta was the first battle in a war that will not end until our country belongs to us. 

Events will be held in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and everywhere else, featuring Nick Fuentes, Alex Jones, Steel Puma and many others. If you can watch these clips and then decide “no, I’d rather sit this out” then you have something wrong with you.

You need to get out there to these events. You will meet good people, you will have a blast, you will be a part of history and you will be serving your race and nation.

There is no downside.

Watch this clip.

We’re on the move, boys.

Tap in.

Get on the street.

I’m gonna keep you updated on the events, but you can check them yourself on the Twitter page of Nick J. Fuentes.

We are in a war and it is time for you to soldier up and move.