Censorship Costs Lives

Diversity Macht Frei
April 4, 2018

To justify their censorship of the goyim, Jews assiduously cultivate the meme that “free speech leads to violence”. We should respond with the counter-meme that “Censorship costs lives”.

It’s now clear that Nasim Najafi Aghdam was driven to murderous rage by Youtube’s censorship policies.

The fact that she was a crazy, brown-skinned, vegan leftist makes her ideal for us, since she can’t remotely be connected with the Alt Right, despite the desperate efforts of the MSM to establish an association.

A serious case can be made that lack of free speech has been a strong motivator in other incidents of terrorist violence.

In their video manifesto (below in German), the National Socialist Underground (who killed 10 people, mostly Turks) in Germany, said:

“The National Socialist Underground is a network of comrades with the principle: Actions instead of words. Until fundamental changes occur in politics, press and freedom of opinion, the activities will continue.”

Breivik’s manifesto is filled with concern about censorship. His first attack was against a media company for that very reason.

If the future of our countries is shaped by politics, and our politics is shaped by public discourse, those who are denied the right to participate in public discourse have effectively been reduced to the status of non-persons, a helot class. They pay their taxes but are not allowed to decide how the taxes are allocated. They can passively observe the ship of state being steered by other persons but are not allowed to participate in conversations about what the destination should be. But why should anyone accept being reduced to the status of a helot? It is unsurprising if some people respond to this degradation with violence.

The censorship of free expression leads to fatalities. Public discussion can be a vent for frustration. When the vent is closed, bottled-up anger finds another outlet.

Free speech for a peaceful world.