Childless White Woman Tries to Help Nog “Get His Life Back on Track” – Her Remains are Later Found in a Manhole

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
August 11, 2019

Alex Haggerty and Brittany Burfield.

This is what happens when white women don’t have children – they start treating animals as their children instead.

In Brittany’s case, it started – as it so often does – with cats. Here’s an excerpt from an initial murder report, dated July 13, 2018:

“The apartment was unlocked and she had things missing out of it. The cats have obviously not been fed all week, which she would never do because they were like her children,” Valentine said.

Like many old cat ladies, however, Brittany eventually began to seek other, more exotic animals with which to channel her misguided maternal instincts – such as the North American pavement ape.

And we all know how that ends up.

Daily Mail:

Human remains that were found down a Houston manhole cover have been officially identified as those of vanished a year ago.

Brittany Burfield, 37, was reported missing in June 2018.

Alex Haggerty has been charged with her death and allegedly told a local activist where her body was hidden.

‘His main concern with me was he wanted to get this off his chest,’ Quanell X said on Friday to KHOU.

‘They removed a manhole cover and they dropped her body down a manhole and put the steel iron cover back over it.’

Haggerty, 37, was charged with Burfield’s murder despite her body never having been found, until now.

Officials say Haggerty admitted to killing Burfield to his family and friends.

He told how he drugged, suffocated, shot and possibly even stabbed her, although he later denied the graphic details when questioned by the authorities.

At the time of her disappearance, Texas EquuSearch volunteers spent several days searching for her body.

Investigators say Burfield was trying to help Haggerty get his life back on track. She gave him and his girlfriend a place to stay for a little while.

Haggerty used Burfield’s phone to call his parole officer after she was reported missing, investigators said. Haggerty denied the claims.