China Attacked for Twitter-Style Behavior Reporting App

China is being attacked for launching an app that allows citizens to report anti-social behavior.

Daily Mail:

China has launched a new app that will allow citizens to report others who criticise the ruling Chinese Communist Party or question its account of history online.

Released by China’s cyber regulator, along with a similar hotline, the app aims to crack down on ‘historical nihilists’ ahead of the Party’s 100th anniversary in July, the regulator said in a statement on Friday.

An arm of Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said the app and hotline will allow and encourage netizens to report fellow internet users who spread ‘mistaken opinions’ online in order to create a ‘good public opinion atmosphere’.

You might notice that this description sounds a lot like Twitter, an American app that allows people to report behavior that is seen as being against the norms of our new society.

The difference of course is that if you get reported on this Chinese app, there is almost zero chance that anything is going to happen to you. At the very most, the government will send you a form letter via SMS saying that someone said you were doing something bad, and you should “try to be more friendly to make a happy China for tender kindness of China families.”

No one seems to really understand that laws in Asia are actually just a suggestion. The idea of an “Asian police state” is really confusing to anyone who has ever been to Asia.

Of course, if you get reported on Twitter for something viewed as anti-social, your entire life is permanently destroyed, forever, and your family will have to flee your home as the police denounce you on TV.

We saw this exact story play out last week with the Jonathan Petland crucifixion.

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This is the series of events:

  • Petland was identified on Twitter as violating social norms when he removed a black man from his front yard who had been loitering there for 15 minutes and scaring his family
  • The mob of Twitter lunatics identified Petland, and figured out where he lives
  • The police arrested and charged him
  • The police issued a public statement denouncing him as evil
  • His boss (the US military) issued a statement denouncing him as evil
  • A real life mob showed up at his house, screaming at him and his family in their front yard
  • The mob began throwing rocks through his windows
  • He had to call the police to help him and his family get out of the house
  • He is now in hiding, and will be for the rest of his life (or whenever this system collapses)

Twitter is much worse than this new Chinese app for the simple reason that the Chinese app is private, whereas with Twitter, the goal is to incite a mob against you.


Which would you rather have happen to you?

  • What happened to Jonathan Petland, or
  • Receiving an SMS that says: “Cannot making happy family time when China people can say bad you. Pleased to remain having a kindness heart to feeling good family happiness for China people.”

Portraying China as an evil country where people don’t have any freedom is totally insane. It is insane on the level of claiming China is enforcing a backward social doctrine (which more than 99% of Chinese people agree with), and it is insane just on the level of basic freedom (Chinese are allowed to walk around freely and work).

If people want a war with China, that’s their right.

But this idea of invading China to bring them freedom is simply nonsensical. There is no reality in which anyone could claim that a China run by the Jews would have more freedom than the current China which is run by Chinese people.

As a Westerner, I wish with all my heart that my people had the freedom that the people of China have.

This experiment in the West of allowing foreigners – first the Jews, and now all of these new multiracials – to run America has failed miserably. Any time you allow a foreign people to run someone else’s government, those people are necessarily going to end up being more abusive than the most abusive that a government run by its own people could ever be.

This “xenocracy” (government by aliens) has created a whole new concept of terror and abuse.