China Shuts Down 4,000 Websites to Defend Family Values

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2018

I am a free speech absolutist, but not when it comes to obscenity.

Furthermore, I am capable of understanding that a culture as alien as China has a different method of protecting their own society.

Chinese are almost insectlike in their desire for conformity. And so they are going to take a different approach to defending their culture.

But of course, the same Jews who are attacking Trump for having a trade war with China and defending their right to take all this money from us are attacking China for taking measures to protect their culture.

And let me tell you something: these people DO NOT care about free speech. Ask Andrew Anglin or Alex Jones about that. What they care about is their ability to spread a dastardly social decay agenda across the planet.


China has shut down thousands of websites and online accounts following a three-month campaign against “harmful” content, the state news agency Xinhua has announced.

The content, on 4,000 sites, included infringements of copyright and material spreading “improper values, vulgarity or obscenity”, it said.

Vulgarity and obscenity are things that I think should be banned from America.

These are not protected by our First Amendment.

“Improper values” is a more vague term.

But I’m sure most of this is gay stuff, pornography, etc. – stuff that was banned in the US before the Jewish takeover, and which is still not recognized by the Supreme Court as protected by the First Amendment.

But the purge also appeared to be aimed at platforms offering free e-books.

China tightly controls the country’s internet access.

Previous targets have included lottery apps and material containing pornographic or violent content.

Online gambling is also illegal in America, and I pretty much agree with that.

Although we are having issues with China on the trade stuff, and I support my President in that, I strongly support China’s right to act as they see fit to protect the integrity of their society in whichever ways they feel best suit their society.

And I can pretty well guarantee Trump feels the same way.

This is a confusing mess, this liberal support for China stealing from us on the international stage combined with liberal attacks on Chinese attempts to protect their people. You can only deduce that they are about harming white people first, and then about harming all other non-Jewish societies.

Because again: if you think Jews and the Jewish media care about free speech in the sense of First Amendment protections, please see what they have done to Andrew Anglin and Alex Jones.