Chink Landlord in New Zealand RACIALLY DISCRIMINATES Against White Couple

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 24, 2018

Non-Whites shouldn’t really even be allowed to own land in White countries. But of course, thanks to the Jews, they are. And the minute they do, they start discriminating against Whites.

Daily Mail:

A couple have been denied a chance to rent a home as the landlords refused to lease them the property because they ‘weren’t Asian or Chinese’.

The New Zealand pair found a two-bedroom house located just outside of Auckland’s CBD and immediately applied.

They believed they had a strong chance of securing the place, but after they had been reviewed by the owners, the real estate agent informed they were unsuccessful with their application because of their race.

‘I’ve made a complaint to the Human Rights Commission because I think we need to send a message that this is not on,’ the woman told the New Zealand Herald.

‘I treat everybody fairly. It doesn’t matter what race you are, I take people at face value.’

Typical dumb bitch.

“Bubuubububub I’m a good person who doesn’t see race, why are these chinks treating me like an Other *sobs*”

Whites may think that they’re above “racism” and are “color-blind” but…well actually most Whites really aren’t racist.

That’s probably why they’re accused of it so much.

It’s because Jews know that calling a White person racist is the equivalent of calling a black person a nigger.

Well almost.

So many Whites take pride in their universal values. Because the Jews taught them it was the only right way to think.

But we shouldn’t get too mad at these chinks.

‘The landlords were a little concerned they weren’t married, because if you rent a property out to a couple and they break up, then you have to find new tenants, which isn’t very convenient,’ the real estate agent told the NZ Herald.

‘The other tenants also happened to be Asian, and they felt if anything were to happen, like if a window was to break, they felt more comfortable because they can speak to them in their own language.’

So far so good, wait for it.

She also said the owner felt better about the Asian family because they had a child, rather than the New Zealand pair who had a cat.

Bizarrely, the property manager instead apologised for revealing the sentiments of the owners and causing the situation.

‘[The landlords] had told me that in confidence and if anything is to blame, it is my inexperience, un-professionalism, and honesty,’ she said.

‘I apologise my inexperience has led to this big misunderstanding.’

FUCKING BASED. Shitlib baizuo couple confirmed and blown the FUCK out by chinks who don’t give a fuck.

Sometimes you have to rely on non-Whites to tell White shitlibs that they’re unwanted to their face.