Connecticut Enacting Law That Ends Religious Vaccine Exemption for Schoolchildren

“The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”

The walls are closing in.

The government and media are absolutely obsessed with getting people to take this vaccine – and they’re not going to let anyone get away with skipping it.


The Connecticut House of Representatives passed a contentious bill early Tuesday that would end the state’s long-standing religious exemption from immunization requirements for schools, beginning with the 2022 school year.

The 90-53 vote in the Democratic-controlled chamber came just before 3 a.m. after more than 16 hours of debate. The bill now heads to the Senate, which is also controlled by Democrats.

About a half-hour before approving the legislation, lawmakers passed an amendment that would allow students who are now exempt from immunizations because of religious reasons to continue to be exempt.

The House approval was largely among party lines, with heavy opposition from Republicans.

Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont said Monday he’s ready to sign the bill into law.

We have learned over and over again over the last six months that vaccinations work, vaccinations keep me safe, keep you safe, keep my classrooms safe and prevent replications of other variants out there,” he said. “So it’s really important.”

Rep. Jonathan Steinberg, D-Westport, co-chair of the General Assembly’s Public Health Committee, said “it’s reasonable to assume” many parents are using the state’s religious exemption because they’re concerned about vaccine efficacy and safety.

“It’s a belief, even if it’s not a specific religious one. But it’s a problem, a growing problem,” he said. “Vaccine hesitancy is becoming a direct and serious threat to the public health. It demands a proactive approach, not a reactive one. … We need to act and act before we have an epidemic, an epidemic that we can prevent.”

Surprise, goyim! Surprise!

Time for your shots, little goyim!

The term is always “hesitancy.” It’s a strange piece of language. In reality, many people are not “hesitant,” they are simply saying, “no.”

It’s kind of a boomerish observation – but what happened to “my body, my choice”?

We’ve been told for decades now that bodily autonomy is a sacred, religious type of value. Frankly, I actually agree with that principle (I just don’t think it applies to abortion, when you are literally killing someone else’s body).

Of course, the underlying reasoning for forced vaccination remains unclear. What these people claim is that the vaccine protects you from the virus. So that would mean that anyone who gets the vaccine cannot get the virus, and therefore shouldn’t be worried about it.

But then, Anthony Fauci will just go out there and say “well, actually it doesn’t matter if you get the vaccine – nothing really changes and you still have to wear the mask.” He then says that what is keeping vaccinated people from getting their freedom back is people who refuse the vaccine. No one understands why this is, and Fauci is not the kind of person who answers direct questions.

If you start asking questions about how an unvaccinated person can hurt a vaccinated person, Fauci will flip the conversation on its head and say that the goal is to completely eliminate the virus from existence, and that the only way to do that is to vaccinate every person on earth. It’s been some months ago now that Fauci claimed that no one on earth could have freedom unless everyone on earth was vaccinated (including the entire third world, which could take a decade).

Nothing Fauci says can ever be construed to mean anything. His job is just to keep this thing going, on and on indefinitely. It has to keep going until the economy is completely shot, at least.

I’ve heard right-wingers recently claim that the government wants to end this hysteria but they’ve gotten bogged down in a quagmire. This is as wrong now as it was this time last year. The goal of the virus hoax was always to create an eternal crisis that can be used to justify anything. There is zero reason they would ever let go of this, now that they’ve proved that they can get people to give up their most basic rights.

As we saw with the Black Lives Matter riots last year, they can give anyone a special exemption from Virus Law for any reason. Nothing that the establishment wants to do is being restricted by these virus regulations. It’s all upsides, which means it will never end. Honestly, it’s shocking that for some people, it still hasn’t set in yet: this is permanent.

They tell you to get a vaccine, then they say not enough people have gotten the vaccine, so you need to force other people in your life to get it. Right now, according to them, over half of Americans have gotten it. I assume a lot of those who have gotten it are feeling some regret. With this, you get the pro-abortion effect: women who get abortions justify it to themselves by becoming extremely pro-abortion. Misery loves company, so the vaccinated will demand that the unvaccinated submit.

But then comes some other thing. They will say there is a mutant virus, or that the vaccine doesn’t really work, or whatever. They can’t eliminate the flu, and that’s all this “coronavirus” is: it’s a rebranding of the flu. So they will always have people dying of respiratory illness, and they’ve now created a system where anyone dying of respiratory illness is the apocalypse, and no sacrifice is too big to try to reduce deaths from respiratory illness. No matter how many you kill in the process, it is worth it.