Couple Claims Another Woman Gave Birth to Their Baby

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
July 13, 2019

Don’t you just hate it when you’re minding your own sterile business and you suddenly learn that during your recent failed pregnancy you were pregnant with another woman’s baby, and that another woman successfully gave birth to your son?

Like, can you even? Because I can’t even and I’m a pretty good can evener.

I just can’t even with this one.

Daily Mail:

A couple who found out that another woman had given birth to their child after an IVF blunder has spoken out for the first time as they sue the esteemed fertility clinic.

Anni and Ashot Manukyan, an Armenian-American couple of Glendale, Los Angeles, were distraught last year when they had two embryos implanted at CHA Fertility Center, but it didn’t result in a pregnancy.

Months later, the knife was twisted: they were asked to come into the center for cheek swabs on April 11, which were passed off as a routine annual procedure.

The next day, they were called in again, this time met by a doctor and a psychologist who informed them that the swab was in fact a DNA test, confirming that they were the biological parents of a boy delivered by another couple, also patients at CHA, on March 31 in New York.

The New York couple, Anni and Ashot learned, had given birth to two boys, the other belonging to a third couple who’d had their embryos on ice at CHA.

It turned out the embryos Anni and Ashot had received months earlier had not belonged to them, and they faced an expensive and lengthy legal battle to bring their month-old son home.

Actually, I can even.

This is hilarious.

You have to learn to love the insanity of the world despite you not agreeing with it and fighting to change it, just as you have to learn to love to be alive despite not agreeing with everything in life because this is about imposing our will upon the world, not about being comfortable. It’s a struggle and it’s a fight and we have to be grateful for having a chance.

Be happy and thankful that worthy opponents that challenge you exist.

Modern-world problems such as another woman giving birth to your baby are a reminder about the need to correct our society, and by “correct our society” I mostly mean “removing Jews.”

The first step towards removing the Jews is resisting the Jews. In this particular case, the common-sense approach to resisting the Jews for women is to not waste their youth and fertility doing things that are not good for them long-term.

Women were not created for doing the things men do. If women were supposed to do what men do, they’d be men and not women. Women have a specific task that no one else can do and ignoring this task has a cost.

To the mother who carried her son, Anni said: ‘I pray for her every day. She was a victim of this as much as I am. She’s a lovely lady. She raised my baby inside of her and after he was born.’

The scandal was exposed when the Korean-American couple, who identified themselves only as YZ and AP in a lawsuit they filed against CHA last week, delivered two non-Asian boys in their home city of New York.

They had spent $100,000 on their fertility care and travel to CHA Fertility Center, which they had been assured was one of the top clinics in the country.

Their care and travel totaled $100,000. The average cost of one cycle of IVF is $12,000 plus up to $3,000 for the medication, though research shows couples rarely yield enough embryos on the first try.

Imagine spending $100,000 to get pregnant because you wasted your youth and fertility doing things women are not supposed to be doing when instead you could have had it for free.

It’s insane.

But it’s funny.