Dankula’s Speech at Day for Freedom Event

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
May 9, 2018

At the moment, the greatest weapon being used against us is censorship. The Jews who control the media, governments, and internet monopolies are shutting things down as fast as they can. If their ability to shut it down was removed, our ideas would have nothing to hinder their spread. Since everything we say is the truth and we are very good at spreading information in a way that people will accept, people will naturally come towards us. Even if the majority of people do not become card-carrying oven operators, the majority of them will just not care about those who are and will only really care about what will directly have some kind of impact on their own lives.

Since we are populists and people will support populists for their own interests, them not caring about any other desires we have will be good for us – and ultimately good for them, since wanting to remove the non-Whites and Jews from society is in their interests anyway.

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