Denmark: Politician Decries Foreigners Causing “RAPE EXPLOSION”!

“Rape Explosion” would be a good name for a thrash punk band.

But no, it’s not funny.

Or well, it’s kinda funny, because women lobbied for these men to come here, and now they have a rape explosion.

You get what you pay for.

But we shouldn’t laugh.


Over the past eight years, the number of both charges and convictions for rape in Denmark has gone through the roof, according to a new statement from the Justice Ministry.

More specifically, in 2020, 987 charges were filed for rape throughout the country. That is more than twice as many charges as eight years ago, in 2012, when 417 charges were filed. Over the same period, the number of convictions also increased quite markedly. Last year, judgements were handed down in 217 cases against only 132 verdicts in 2012. Remarkably, both charges and convictions have been rising steadily each year.

Of the 217 convicted of rape last year, 53 had foreign nationality. In other words, 24 percent or just under one in four lack Danish citizenship. Of them, the biggest group are Syrians, Turks and stateless persons (most often Arabs from Palestine), which signals a clear over-representation.

We’ve been through this six million times, but Denmark is a Scandinavian country. That means that they have really super hardcore “regret rape” laws.

They won’t report the statistics for the different kinds of rape, and just classify “I was drunk and naked in his bed and then all of a sudden he raped me” alongside getting dragged into an alley at knifepoint. But many studies have been done showing that “rape involving force” is basically 100% nonwhite. As you know, Google is broken, but I know someone in Sweden, probably associated with Sweden Democrats, broke down the types of rape, and showed it was basically 100% foreigners.

Sweden also had some issue with identifying foreigners who were born in the country (there are a lot of them at rapist age from when they started bringing people in in the 1990s).

Here’s the thing: have you ever even in your entire life heard of a white guy pulling a woman off the street with a weapon, dragging her into an alley and raping her? I’m sure it’s happened at some point in history, but I’ve never heard of it.

Presumably, part of why they invented the concept of “rape without force” (an actually nonsensical term), other than standard feminist reasons, was that they wanted to stack the rape statistics with white guys.

Justice Minister Nick Hækkerup said he takes the large increase very seriously.

“I look at the numbers very seriously, because rape is a disgusting crime, which unfortunately is committed to an excessive extent”, Nick Hækkerup told the newspaper BT, which called the situation an “explosion”.

“The figures clearly show that we have a problem with an ethnic slant when relatively many foreigners are convicted of rape, just as we have an obvious problem when more than half of the inmates in the country’s prisons and detention centers are immigrants, their descendants or foreigners”, Hækkerup said.

Hey now – I agree the problem is ethnic, but I don’t think it’s the slants.

He ventured it was a “huge problem” for both the community and society at large.

It is first and foremost a huge problem for our community and our society that there are groups that make such a significant impact in terms of committing crime. It challenges our cohesion, and therefore it is also the government’s policy that foreigners without Danish citizenship, who are convicted of rape, must be deported, to the extent that there is a basis for it,” Hækkerup said.

Yeah I mean – as long as there’s a basis.

I joke, but it’s actually quite something that in Denmark they are even able to talk about race like this.

You haven’t been able to talk about race and crime in America since at least the 1990s. At least not at the governmental level. It was a crazy scandal when Donald Trump tweeted those black crime statistics.

Remember they went nuts, saying it was “fake news.”

Then Jared Taylor redid the meme as “what Trump should have tweeted” and it was direct FBI statistics numbers and they were even worse.

Those sure were wonderful times, back then.