Expelling Russian Diplomats is Only Something You Do to Create Serious Conflict

Diplomats exist in a country to do diplomacy.

Expelling diplomats is actually worse than doing sanctions, as it is saying “we don’t even want to talk to you to try to fix any of these problems.”


The Biden administration has announced the U.S. is expelling 10 Russian diplomats and imposing sanctions against dozens of people and companies, holding the Kremlin accountable for interference in last year’s presidential election and the hacking of federal agencies.

The sweeping measures announced Thursday are meant to punish Russia for actions that U.S. officials say cut to the core of American democracy and to deter future acts by imposing economic costs on Moscow, including by targeting its ability to borrow money. The sanctions are certain to exacerbate tensions with Russia, which promised a response, even as President Joe Biden said the administration could have taken even more punitive measures but chose not to in the interests of maintaining stability.

“We cannot allow a foreign power to interfere in our democratic process with impunity,” Biden said at the White House.

Sanctions against six Russian companies that support the country’s cyber efforts represent the first retaliatory measures against the Kremlin for the hack familiarly known as the SolarWinds breach, with the U.S. explicitly linking the intrusion to the SVR, a Russian intelligence agency. Though such intelligence-gathering missions are not uncommon, officials said they were determined to respond because of the operation’s broad scope and the high cost of the intrusion on private companies.

Tulsi Gabbard said on Tucker the other day she thinks we’re headed towards nuclear war. It was probably (hopefully) a wakeup call for someone. Though I don’t know that it matters.

She’s also posting her own short videos about how we’re headed to nuclear war.

Everyone in the world understands that expelling diplomats is a bizarre, belligerent action, other than the American people, who are focused on the stupidest imaginable distractions.

It’s not just the peasants, but the supposed intelligentsia that is fully out of touch with reality at this point.

These people appear to believe this “America’s back” thing. We saw that Jewish pop star at the Alaska meeting getting shit on by the Chinese. He seemed generally confused. The Biden Administration is generally confused by the border crisis.

Meanwhile, the military appears to be operating on its own.

And I think, the military that is operating on its own – also totally out of touch and caught in some kind of mission creep from the USSR period.

Somebody, somewhere has some idea what is going on – I guess it’s Bill Gates?