France: Le Pen to Stand Trial for Posting Pictures of Moslems Killing People

Daily Stormer
June 13, 2019

In China, the only thing you can’t do is actively oppose your rulers, and you have to do something serious to get more than a warning, a fine or just have your internet access restricted for a while.

In the West, you can go to prison just for saying who your rulers are or, as in this case, showing people what the creatures your rulers are flooding your country with will do to them once they have the ability to do so.

Which one would you prefer?

The Local:

The president of France’s far right Rassemblement National party Marine is set to stand trial over her tweeting of gruesome images of Isis atrocities in the Middle East, which included a photo of the decapitated body of US reporter James Foley.

A judge in Nanterre, just west of Paris, issued the ruling after Le Pen was charged back in February 2018 for circulating “violent messages that incite terrorism or pornography or seriously harm human dignity” and that can be viewed by a minor.

That last part really amused me.

Minors can get their dicks cut off, but can’t see pics of people with their heads cut off.

Look how much freedom you have, goyim!

The crime is punishable by up to three years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros ($91,000).

Three years of prison for posting some pictures on the internet!

This is human rights democracy on STEROIDS.

French prosecutors opened an investigation in December 2015 into the graphic series of tweets by National Front leader Le Pen, which included a photo of the decapitated body of US reporter James Foley. They were posted just a few weeks after the Paris terror attacks.

The move by a judge in Nanterre, just outside Paris, came after the National Assembly voted in November to strip the National Front president of her parliamentary immunity over the three photos of Isis violence.

In March 2017 year MPs in the European parliament voted to strip Le Pen of her immunity around the case in order to allow the prosecution to proceed.

“This only shows French citizens what the EU is, what the European Parliament is and that it’s all part of the system that wants to stop the French people’s candidate that I am,” the anti-EU Le Pen said in response to the move.

Fun fact: parliamentary immunity exists to defend opposition politicians from being prosecuted for political reasons by the politicians in charge.

It doesn’t seem to be working very well, does it?

Le Pen had refused to attend a police interview over the investigation by police in the Paris suburb of Nanterre, citing her status as an MEP.

“I am being charged for having condemned the horrors of Daesh,” Le Pen told AFP.

“In other countries this would have earned me a medal.”

Which country gives you a medal for posting on Twitter?

She’s not really that bright, this one, but she’s the best the French have, poor bastards…

The images were tweeted with the caption “This is Daesh” (an Arabic acronym for the Islamic State group) and showed Foley’s bloodied body with his decapitated head on his torso, a man on fire in a cage, and a victim being driven over by a tank.

Foley, a freelance journalist, was captured in Syria in 2012 and beheaded in August 2014.

Le Pen, who has over two million Twitter followers, addressed the tweets to BFM TV journalist Jean-Jacques Bourdin, whom she accused of likening her party to the jihadist group.

Because if there’s one kind of speech that’s really free, it’s bloodlibeling people who don’t want terrorists in their country as being terrorists.

BTW, that BFM TV thing is owned and run by this Jew, just in case you were worried that there’s some media outlet anywhere in France that isn’t under kike control.

Foley’s bereaved parents John and Diane said they wanted the images removed immediately, accusing Le Pen in a statement of using the “shamefully uncensored” image to her own political ends.

Her political ends are, at least in theory, not letting the people who killed your son flood her country.

You would be agreeing if you weren’t a bunch of filthy cucks just like your faggot son was.

The worst thing about sharing things like this is that it might make some people think that flooding your country with sandniggers might not the best idea ever.

In September 2018, Le Pen revealed on Twitter her shock and anger at being ordered to undertake a psychiatric assessment in relation to her tweets.

This is common practice in any system created by Jews, be it in the Soviet Union or in America – everybody who doesn’t like Jews or disagrees with anything Jewish is just labeled mentally ill.

Because you’d have to be crazy to disagree with “God’s Chosen,” amirite?