Germany: Cuck Police Arrest BASED Neo-Nazi Afghan for Roman Salute

Daily Stormer
October 17, 2018

“Look at all that enrichment, goyim! Aren’t you feeling vibrant?”

I guess we finally found the thing that brown people can actually get arrested for in Germany – trying to assimilate and act like real Germans!


Munich police have confirmed that the case of a 19-year-old Afghan national who gave officers the Hitler salute, which is illegal, will be listed as a “right-wing” politically motivated crime.

The confirmation came on Twitter in response to a question by user @culinart who replied to a press release posted on the Munich Police account that described the incident in which the 19-year-old Afghan was arrested at Oktoberfest after giving the banned gesture on October 6th.

A reminder – Germany is a staunch defender of free speech.

That’s why they arrest so many people for thoughtcrimes.

The user wrote to the police saying: “Dear Munich police, one thing I am very interested in: How is this crime classified? As a right-wing criminal offence?”

Munich police replied: “Yes, it is classified as right-wing. Greetings.”

I wonder how many of these “right-wing criminal offences” are actually committed by these invading vermin.

I’m gonna guess quite a lot.

And of course these pigs are doing it on purpose, at the order of the (((people))) who run Germany, so they can show how mean krauts are and how they’ll immediately start gassing everyone around if you take your boot of their faces for a second.

“Oy vey, a right-wing hate crime against women!”

The comments from the police led to questions from other users with one even questioning whether or not the police account was actually a satire account.


Everything is satire, there’s no reality anymore.

All that’s left to do now is go play Huniepop until RAHOWA starts.