Germany: Man Arrested and Sentenced for Roman Salute in Record Time

Daily Stormer
September 18, 2018

Brown privilege in Germany

He did the unspeakable crime on the 27th of August, and was sentenced on the 14th of September.

Justice moves really fast when you do hatethink.


A German court has given a five-month jail term to a 34-year-old man who gave Hitler salutes during a protest in the eastern city of Chemnitz.

The man, a Chemnitz resident, attended a big far-right protest on 27 August, prompted by the fatal stabbing of a German man in a brawl with migrants.

Nazi signs and symbols, including the Hitler salute, are illegal in Germany.

Guy’s probably gonna spend more time in prison for raising his arm than 90% of all hajis who rape a woman in Germany.

These are the (((values))) us goyim have to uphold at any cost.

 The man jailed on Friday had a string of previous convictions, including for physical violence, so a suspended term was ruled out.

Why do I get the feeling those previous convictions were for doing the job the people arresting him were supposed to do?

Chemnitz has seen a series of far-right demonstrations – attended by thousands – and smaller leftist counter-demonstrations since the stabbing of Daniel H on 26 August.

Two male asylum seekers – a Syrian and an Iraqi – have been detained in connection with the killing. Police are searching for a third suspect, who is also a migrant.

Those hajis would probably never have been arrested without the “far-right” riots, as Germany’s ZOG franchise actively covers up crimes Mama Merkel’s kiddies commit.

There was outrage in Germany over assaults and racist insults linked to the Chemnitz protests.

Yes goyim, it’s the skinhate towards your invaders that outrages you, not the actual being invaded and slaughtered and raped.

Far-right groups, including the main opposition party – Alternative for Germany (AfD) – are furious that more than a million asylum seekers who reached Germany in 2015-2016 were allowed to remain.

Fun fact: Despite Merkel’s invitation, illegal immigration is still illegal in Germany, so all of those subvermin are actually breaking the law.

But don’t worry, they won’t be arrested, because arresting is something you do to White people who engage in hatethink and hatetalk and hatesalute.

Ain’t it great how enlightened the Germans have become?