Global Warming Crisis: Snow Kills North Carolina Man

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2018

What people like Drumpf don’t get about global warming is that it also means the globe is getting cooler. That’s why they changed the name to “climate change.” Because at first they were like “oh boy it’s heating up in here” and then they were like “whoa, it’s also snowing!”

So we established that the actual crisis caused by driving cars is that you get different types of weather at different times in the year.

Get educated. Accept science. This man was snowed to death because global warming.


A heavy snowstorm has swept through US south-eastern states, killing at least one person and leaving hundreds of thousands without power.

A state of emergency has been declared in North Carolina, with some areas reporting as much as 0.5m (18.5ins) of snow over the weekend.

One man died after a tree fell on his car. A search is under way for a driver whose vehicle was found in a river.

Thousands of flights were also cancelled across the region.

No amount of science denial will bring this man back from the brink of damnation.

It’s time for Drumpf to sign the Paris suicide pact so that women stop dying in climatic global snow storms.

Look at this frozen hellscape that driving cars has created on earth, in the Southern part of America where it hardly snows at all.

North Carolina:

Lubbock, Texas (snowiest day on record):

It’s high time for the filthy peasants to pay taxes through the roof to stop the weather from ever changing again.