Governments are Going to Start Passing Out Drugs as Our Society Collapses Like Building 7

The Ultra-Cunt of New Zealand, known to those she rules over as “Horseface X-Treme,” completely collapsed her country’s economy and destroyed the future of at least two generations of citizens in the name of preventing people from getting the coronavirus, a mild flu virus.

At some point, it is possible that people are going to start realizing in larger numbers that this was all a gigantic hoax, that the virus wasn’t actually deadly and even if it had been, these measures that destroyed the economies of the West didn’t make any sense.

At first I was all like

People could potentially start getting pretty angry, given that if you actually look at the entirety of what happened, it appears to have been a global conspiracy to destroy the white middle class, transferring their wealth to massive multinational corporations.

But then I was just like

A good way to prevent people from figuring this out, and from doing anything about it, is to keep them high on drugs.

The Guardian:

Some of New Zealand’s most experienced public health experts have thrown their support behind legalising marijuana, a week out from the country’s general election.

In an editorial in the New Zealand Medical Journal, specialists from the fields of addiction treatment, public health, health promotion and epidemiology have urged New Zealanders to tick yes in the referendum, days after a poll showed the vote on a knife-edge.

The referendum is a “once-in-a-generation opportunity” to legalise cannabis, and promote health equality, the editorial said.

Prof Michael Baker from the University of Otago, one of the key architects of the country’s successful Covid-19 response, says New Zealand had shown it was a world leader in utilising “innovative and evidence-informed approaches” to complex public health problems.

“It’s time to take the same fresh approach to cannabis law and put public health first,” Prof Baker says.

“Our prohibition model for cannabis is outdated and doesn’t work. Supporting law reform is about reframing cannabis use as a health issue which opens up new, more effective ways of minimising harms caused by this drug.”

Cannabis is New Zealand’s most commonly used illicit drug.

The latest New Zealand Health Survey found that 15%, or 590,000 New Zealand adults used cannabis in the past 12 months.

Māori account for 16% of New Zealand’s population and are shown to be disproportionately affected by New Zealand’s drug laws, facing three times as many arrests and prosecutions for possession of cannabis than non-Māori.

Yes, brown people tend to use more drugs than non-brown people, which means that using drugs must be good, because brown people are the moral compass of our post-Christian society.

I believe that it is lunacy to legalize marijuana. It is an obvious attack on the youth of the nation.

The arguments are idiotic.

Primarily, they are: “well, it doesn’t cause serious health problems…”

There are plenty of hard drugs you could say that about, and the social issues involving marijuana are obvious.

They will also say, “it’s not as bad as alcohol.”

Let me just go ahead and dispel that one for you.

There are people who drink alcohol every day, all day long. There are people who smoke marijuana every day, all day long. However, over 99% of alcoholic beverages are consumed by people who are not habitual abusers of alcohol, while over 99% of marijuana smoke is inhaled by people who are habitual abusers of marijuana.

Alcohol is a casual mind-altering substance which has the potential for abuse, while marijuana is a chronic coping mechanism for the mentally and emotionally feeble which has the potential for casual use.

Frankly, if you are not a regular marijuana user, with the necessary tolerances built up, the experience of smoking marijuana is entirely unpleasant. It leads to physical discomfort, in the form of dizziness and even nausea. It leads to psychic discomfort, in the form of paranoia and self-sabotaging thoughts. It is only through habitual use that you can gain the “benefits” from it, which are in fact emotional and mental numbness.

It sucks all of the life out of people and turns them into zombies. It also drastically lowers testosterone.

It is also transparently anti-natal, due largely to the effect that it has on testosterone levels. Half of humanity would have never been conceived were it not for alcohol, whilst we can’t measure the number of people who were stoned and decided that watching a movie would be just as exciting as sex, while requiring much less effort.

Furthermore, while alcoholism can trigger emotional outbursts and physical violence, it cannot trigger permanent psychiatric disorders in the way that marijuana can. We now know that marijuana, in particular modern, potent marijuana, has the absolute capacity to induce schizophrenia.

Alex Berenson, who is now very well known around these parts as the only journalist covering coronavirus with any honesty, has written a heavily-sourced book about the potentially disastrous effects of marijuana.

What’s more – and this should really be the bottom line – we have a thousands of years long relationship with alcohol. It is an intrinsic part of European culture and of most other world cultures. We do not need to justify the presence of alcohol in our society, whereas introducing a new mind-altering substance into the culture needs significant justification. If the justification is an appeal to something that does not need justification, it has not been significantly justified.

Frankly, every single person looking at this situation understands what is going on: marijuana is being legalized for the same reason that pornography is legalized, for the same reason that SSRI antidepressants were invented and distributed: it reduces the will of the population to resist the intolerable in an age when those who control our society are forcing the intolerable upon us with overwhelming force.

If you put together all of the mind-altering drugs, the majority of the society is now on some form of them. Those in control want to have as many as possible available, of the sort that promote docility.

Frankly, however, they do not want cocaine in the society, given that it may well lead to behaviors that they do not desire. I am not going to endorse the use of cocaine, as it does bad things to the health and can lead to psychotic behavior eventually. Habitual use can take 20 years off your life. However, it pumps people up and gets them moving, gets them thinking. It puts people on double speed, while marijuana, antidepressants, benzos and opioids reduce them to half speed.

Presently, keeping up a cocaine habit would be at least 40 times more expensive than keeping up a fentanyl habit. There is currently a plan to make crack cocaine more legal than clean cocaine. Figure it out.

What I will say: the rulers appear to be warming up to steroids, given that they increase homosexuality and transsexualism. Furthermore, women, homosexuals and transsexuals support the free flow of steroids, and these are power groups which must be satiated. (To be crystal: Women like men on steroids, homosexuals enjoy using steroids, and transexuals want men to be on steroids because men on steroids are the primary group of people interested in sex with transsexuals.)