How Two Based Black Gals in Trump Hats are Going to Give the Alt-Right More Power

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 29, 2018

During the Zuckerberg hearing before congress a few weeks ago these two BASED black gals were brought up quite a bit.

The reason for that is they ran a rather successful pro-Trump page and made some videos people liked.

Of course, Facebook shut it down.

They are now pushing for an end to Facebook and other social media companies censoring people for political views.

The fact that these Negresses are causing congress to look at the censorship happening on a mass scale online (inevitably leading to regulation and protection of First Amendment rights online) will be able to be used by us to justify our content on these platforms.

Imagine if our content was not banned on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook – that it was illegal to do that.

Imagine if The Daily Stormer wasn’t shut down from the clearweb as many times as Jews have been kicked out of countries and forced onto Tor with pedophiles and ninja assassins.

Push it further, imagine if our guys (and this website) could be monetized by normal means instead of being forced to use cryptocurrencies (donate BTW).

This is what The Daily Stormer means with our support for dindus like Kanye (here and here) and these two. By using our ability to influence culture online we can use one of the most pandered to demographics in the country (second only to Jews and women) to push our agenda so we can then take advantage ourselves.

Basically, we do what the Jews did with using Blacks and other groups as proxies to stir up shit to move our goals forward. Whatever happens to these groups after we get into power isn’t important right now. Claiming that we shouldn’t bother because we want them out of our countries anyway is not even putting the cart before the horse – it’s cutting the legs off the horse and unscrewing the cart wheels before putting wheels on the horse and horse legs on the cart then putting the cart in front of the horse.

There is no reason to not do everything we can to take advantage of these happenings. We need all the advantages we can get right now.

Anything that is bad for Jews and good for freedom of speech is inevitably good for us.