Imagine How Many People’s Days Kim Potter Ruined in 26 Years as a Cop

We are all mourning the cold-blooded murder of Duante Wright, who was by all accounts one of the goodest boys who ever went to church and got his life back on track. Duante was on his way to church when racist murderer Kim Potter, who is known as “Cunt Patrol,” pulled him over for having the wrong air freshener, and murdered him because of the color of his skin.

She engaged in a sneaky trick, wherein she pretended like she accidentally pulled her taser, and instead shot him. She thought she could just say “whoops, it was an accident! Haha, sorry!” But the media saw through her lies, and now she’s been arrested and charged with second-degree manslaughter.

We see the horror of what she has done to one good boy, but imagine that this woman was a cop for 26 years. To put that in perspective: she’s been a cop longer than most people in Africa have been alive.

This is supposedly her first cold-blooded murder, but just imagine in 26 years how many people’s lives this bitch has ruined. It would be in the thousands, I assume. Ruining people’s day would possibly be well into the millions.

I will tell you a story.

One time, years ago, I was staying in a hotel in Columbus, Ohio and got in an extended argument with a female black person working at the counter. I had checked in with a passport, because I had been out of the country and lost my wallet, so did not have a driver’s license. The person who I checked in with, days earlier, knew what a passport was, and did not ask any questions about it, simply making a copy and storing it in a file as they do at hotels. The female black person was apparently checking my check-in file because she didn’t like the look of me (white devil), and apparently didn’t understand what a passport was.

When I went to pay for the room, she kept telling me I needed an ID.

“Emmm-kay, this is not an idea, emm-kay, Ima gonna need yous to give me an ID card, mmm-kay,” she said, repeatedly.

I continued to tell her a passport was a legal ID, and she continued to not understand. I told her to call someone she works with an ask them, that other people who work at the hotel know what a passport is.

I went back to my room, and the female black person began calling the hotel phone. I knew it was her, so I just unplugged the phone, and assumed that she would have to take that up with the manager, or some other employee.

About 15 minutes later, I got a knock on the door, and was thinking to myself “I’ll invite her in and show her a website where it says a passport is a valid ID.”

However, it was not her. It was a male cop and a female cop, both white. They said they were here to escort me from the premises. I said: “do you have a warrant?”

The male cop started explaining to me that you don’t need a warrant in a hotel, and I started asking “well, what about people who rent apartments? How is this the law, that I don’t have Fourth Amendment rights in a hotel room?” (This was back before the coronavirus, when Americans still had Constitutional Rights.) Ultimately, the answer was that they were not allowed to search the room, but that they were allowed to remove me from the premises, which means they were allowed in the room. I still don’t know if this was legal, but I’m sure they’d done it before.

As the male cop was citing the law, the female cop, who was short and fat, just forced her way into the room.

This woman actually looked remarkably like Kimberly Potter. That same harsh, stupid face and hollow eyes. She looked like she was about to start barking like a dog.

With the female cop already in the room, I stepped aside and let the male cop in. I explained the situation regarding the passport and the female black person not understanding what it was to him, and he nodded and seemed to understand that there were some underlying racial dynamics involved. He started to look like he felt bad, and was saying, “we have to do this at the request of the hotel.”

Meanwhile, the female cop treated me like I was a murder suspect. She searched the whole room, literally looking under the bed, checking the bathroom.

I guess readers don’t know this about me, and various portrayals by the media have been utterly bizarre, but I’m a pretty normal, easy to talk to, friendly person. I don’t usually cause trouble, or demonstrate hostility. I looked at the woman searching the room, and asked the male cop, “what’s going on here?”

The male cop didn’t answer the question, giving instead an exhausted frown, before repeating that the hotel has a right to throw me out. I told him I would be writing a negative review online, and he said that would probably be a good idea. (Of course I never did, because I have people tracking me constantly.) He was a legitimately nice guy, who I’d feel comfortable guarding my neighborhood.

The female white cop was like a terrorist.

It was obvious that if I had had drugs or weapons in the room, which is presumably what she was surveilling for, they would not be subject to seizure by this female white cop, based on what the male officer had just explained to me. But she seemed primarily concerned with humiliating me, and making me feel like a criminal.

I packed up my things while I chatted with the male cop about whether or not I could take my two open liquor bottles in the car with me (the car didn’t have a trunk, so the answer was that it just has to be out of reach). She continued to surveil the room, actually circling back around to areas she’d already surveilled.

I had not been aggressive at all in asking about my Forth Amendment rights, and the male cop had not taken it as aggression. But this woman seemed as though I had questioned her power by asking about my rights, and seemed to believe that asking about rights was evidence of criminal intent.

The male cop ended up literally saying “I’m sorry about this,” and I honestly couldn’t tell what he was apologizing for, but I thought it must have been for the way the woman cop acted.

That ruined my day, I can tell you that. The woman made me feel dirty and violated. If it would have been two male cops – at least if it was this male cop and another male cop – as soon as I started asking about the Fourth Amendment, and saw I was a normal white person in a button-up shirt, they would not have forced their way in, and almost certainly would have said, “okay, sure, we’ll just wait here while you grab your stuff.”

Again: if the female white cop had found drugs or guns, it wouldn’t have been permitted to seize them, or to arrest me for them. This was purely a power trip for this woman – and it went into hardcore mode when I questioned her power.

Most of us probably have stories of interactions with female cops, where we were left feeling the same feelings that women describe when they talk about sexual abuse. We need to start sharing these stories. Maybe call it #mentoo?

This scene in the bodycam footage of Cunt Patrol murdering Good Boy was very similar to my own experience. It was plainly clear that this thing she did where she interrupted the black male cop while he was cuffing Good Boy, and started – doing another pat-down? What even was that move? – when she started whatever that thing was, it was some kind of attempt to assert dominance. It’s like: “see, I’m in charge, I’m touching your body, I’m the one with power here.”

Obviously, any woman who is in this sort of position is firstly going to have something wrong with her because she picked this job. Secondly, she’s going to be in a constant state of fear, and obsessed with asserting dominance. It’s very similar to the single mother dynamic, where single mothers are so often physically abusive, particularly to older boys. Women feel intimidated by the boy, because he’s physically stronger than them, so they have to demonstrate their authority through aggression.

Statistics are statistics.

This is why we need a Statistocracy – a government by statistics. Statistics are the diametric opposite of ideology. They do not require theory or belief. Statistics are in fact the single greatest concept ever devised by mankind, and it is completely insane that we do not rely on them for everything, and instead create fanciful madness.

In a Statistocracy, there would be no female cops.

This entire concept of female cops – especially in a country that is as violent as America – is absurd. That should be the topic of discussion around this Duante Wright killing. We should have TV hosts asking: “is it really safe to put women out on the streets and give them guns like this? Are there any studies that show that women are less capable of handling pressure situations than men? What about dexterity? Do women have a lower capacity for deftness? Can we get some statistics in here?”

But we live in a reality where we are supposed to believe that women are exactly equal to men – and in fact, much better than men at everything.

So instead, the media is telling us it’s a racist conspiracy.

There are people – including elected members of Congress – claiming that she faked the accidental pulling of a gun because she wanted to kill a black guy, and I guess the theory is that she interrupted the male cop cuffing the boy so he would try to run, so she could have an excuse to stage this fake accident.

That’s how far we’re willing to dip out of reality in order to promote anti-nature, anti-science, utopian ideology.

This society is not just built on lies – it is built on monumentally obvious lies that everyone knows are lies, which people are coerced into pretending to believe.

The one and only time that women should be cops is when they have psychic powers.

That’s it.