Jew Media Very Happy That Julian Assange Was Arrested for Conducting Journalism

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
April 14, 2019

The establishment Jew-run corporate media is actually cheering Julian Assange’s arrest. They’re literally criticizing him for conducting real journalism and exposing government wrongdoing.

The arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange last week is more proof that we live in some very dark times.

Regardless of your personal view of Assange, it is a fact that he was setup and charged with hoax crimes for conducting journalism. The Sweden rape charge was pure bullshit and stemmed from nonsense about him allegedly not wearing a condom during sex. And these new charges from the United States alleging that he helped hack government computers is even bigger bullshit. All he did was run a website that published documents from whistleblowers. The information he published was greatly embarrassing to the ZOG establishment, which is why he was targeted for take down.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect to this entire spectacle is the fact that you have many in the Jew-run media cheering Assange’s arrest. You would think that if anybody would be defending Assange, it would be people in the media profession. But instead, we are seeing widespread condemnation come from both sides of the phony left-right political spectrum.

Not surprisingly, the Jew-run media is even going so far as to slander Assange in their writings. Perhaps the worst example of this so far is a piece written by the Jew Michael Weiss in The Atlantic entitled “Julian Assange Got What He Deserved.” Weiss claims Assange while confined inside Ecuador’s London embassy threw feces on walls and abused his cat. This is clearly an attempt to dehumanize Assange and to discredit his work. The first paragraph of his article says it all. He even implies that Assange is an anti-Semite for criticizing Jewish writers.

The Atlantic:

In the end, the man who reportedly smeared feces on the walls of his lodgings, mistreated his kitten, and variously blamed the ills of the world on feminists and bespectacled Jewish writers was pulled from the Ecuadorian embassy looking every inch like a powdered-sugar Saddam Hussein plucked straight from his spider hole. The only camera crew to record this pivotal event belonged to Ruptly, a Berlin-based streaming-online-video service, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of RT, the Russian government’s English-language news channel and the former distributor of Julian Assange’s short-lived chat show.

But the people who are demonizing Assange and claiming that he is not a journalist are propagandists and liars. If he’s not a journalist, why did he win numerous awards for doing journalism?

These people act like you need to have some sort of special license or certification to be a journalist. This is patently false as anybody can conduct journalism. The reason why we see an increasing number of ordinary people doing journalism is because the mainstream media has been totally subverted by the ZOG establishment. You can’t get the truth from them. It’s perhaps most apparent with MSNBC which has hired literal spooks and documented liars like James Clapper, John Brennan and Malcolm Nance to provide political analysis.

Professional jealousy undoubtedly plays a role in some of the criticism being directed at Assange. Most of the people who work for these corrupt media operations are not talented people. They’re willing to be whores for a media establishment whose role is to lie to their audience. Assange, on the other hand, helped break a number of highly consequential news stories despite not being a member of their club. These stories include the exposure of war crimes committed by American forces in Iraq, widespread corruption inside the Democrat Party among many others.

What’s interesting is that the main people defending Assange are the same people who were correctly exposing the Russiagate hoax over the past two years. Many of them have been making the same points in their defense of Assange. They might be political leftists, but they deserve credit for providing honest news analysis.

Jimmy Dore has also put out a good video accurately describing some of the dynamics at play surrounding Assange’s arrest.

It’s likely that the next big censorship purge will be against these honest leftists with sizable social media followings. The fact that they’re agreeing in principle with some of the things that we are saying on the Daily Stormer should give you an idea of what’s to come.

Ultimately though, Assange’s arrest sets another horrible precedent for journalism. The message sent couldn’t be any more clear. If you expose the truth, governments will charge you with fake crimes in order to silence you. It further illustrates how governments are controlled by criminals while truth tellers are persecuted. The fact that so-called journalists in the corporate Jew-run media are cheering this is just a reflection of the insanity we are dealing with.

Seeing this madness makes me feel like we are living in some type of bizarre science fiction dystopia. There is nothing normal about any of this.