Jewish Anti-Defamation League Demands More Social Media Censorship Because Blacks are Attacking Jews

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2020

Jonathan Greenblatt, the head Jew at the Jew-run Anti-Defamation League, wants even more social media censorship because blacks are attacking Jews. 

The entire Jewish establishment is flailing around trying to craft a narrative in order to stop blacks from attacking their people.

The Jew head of the Jew Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt, appeared all over cable news on Monday in an attempt to address the issue. He did everything but address the fact that Jews are being attacked by blacks, a racial group that Jews themselves had been responsible for radicalizing.

Instead, he specifically zeroed in on social media and whined about how the big social media companies, which are run and dominated by Jews, haven’t done enough to stop the spread of anti-Semitism.

Here’s the thing: it is literally impossible for these Jewish social media companies to get any more restrictive with their censorship. Greenblatt has become a broken record in making these demands. The mass censorship that already exists has also proven to be totally counterproductive. As social media companies have gotten more aggressive with shutting down free speech, the amount of physical attacks on Jews have gone up. (These black attacks aren’t even related to social media at all, in any way, but the two white synagogue shootings in the US, Pittsburgh and Poway, were done by people from Gab and 8chan respectively, both places where people went because they were kicked off of mainstream communication networks at the demand of the ADL.)

Jews do not have omnipotent powers. It’s impossible for them to censor every person on the Internet who expresses criticism of their race. It’s just as impractical as their demands have been to get unlimited numbers of police and military deployed to protect their communities. The resources they are asking for don’t exist.

It’s clear that these Jews have no idea how to deal with this.

Some Jews have even taken to Twitter to blame Donald Trump for the situation.

These are insane tweets. Trump has done all sorts of things for Jews and he certainly has done nothing to agitate blacks against Jews.

We also saw how the Jew “fact checker” Erin Biba tried to blame White supremacy for the Negro who did that mass stabbing of Jews. This tweet resulted in an enormous backlash and she ultimately deleted her verified Twitter account because she couldn’t deal with the criticism.

Obviously, the Jewish response to this has been totally incoherent and crazy. We are reaching a point where these Jews might just come out and beg the goyim to do something about all these blacks attacking them. Because it is clear that they aren’t going to admit that they’re the ones who created this entire mess for themselves.