Jews Continually Refuse to Explain Why People Hate Them

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 29, 2018

Even after the recent synagogue shooting, Jews keep claiming that hatred of their race has nothing to do with their behavior. They also claim that all dialogue on the subject needs to be shut down.

For nearly the entire weekend, the Jew media news cycle has been dominated with coverage of this synagogue shooting incident. If we are to believe the reporting, the attack resulted in 11 dead Jews. Every major cable news network has been whining about how this was such a horrible tragedy and how anti-Semitism needs to be eradicated. It’s literally been endless. The one thing these Hebrews have not done is explain what would drive an armed man to go into a synagogue with the intent of killing as many Jews as possible. The motivation of this man is by far the most important aspect of the story and there has been no effort made in trying to understand it.

Here’s some examples.

On CBS’s Face the Nation, the Jew Jeffrey Goldberg, who runs The Atlantic, placed blame for the shooting on Donald Trump’s rhetoric and anti-Jewish material on the Internet.

Fareed Zakaria, an Indian mouthpiece for the Jew-run network of CNN, talked about how wonderful Jews are while whining about White nationalism. He also criticized Trump’s rhetoric and how America has too many guns.

These Jews and their propagandists keep acting like there is no logical or rational explanation as to why anti-Semitism exists. They literally want people to believe that anti-Semitism is just something that manifests itself out of the ether. They claim that Jews are God’s chosen people and a light unto the world even though the historical facts state quite the opposite. The historical record confirms that Jews have been thrown out of hundreds of countries and these expulsions date back to biblical times. If they were truly a light unto the world, they would not have been repeatedly removed from nations.

What’s happened to the Jews is the equivalent of a man getting thrown out of hundreds of bars and faulting the bartender each time. Maybe if the man only got thrown out of a couple of bars you could give him the benefit of the doubt. But when it happens hundreds of times, the man’s behavior is to blame. It is the antagonistic behavior of Jews towards the host population of nations that has resulted in their removal over and over again.

Starting in the latter part of the 19th century, large numbers of Jews were allowed to immigrate into the United States. They’ve repaid us by openly advocating for our racial replacement. The media and entertainment industries, which are all dominated by Jews, push propaganda that promotes race-mixing and unlimited third world immigration. They’ve financed many political agendas that are inherently harmful to White Americans. Take for example things like affirmative action, multiculturalism, usury, job-killing trade deals, feminism, endless wars for Israel, gun control, speech censorship and legal abortions. A very large book could be written about all the harm Jews have done to us.

These are some very real and legitimate grievances and they most certainly did not manifest out of nowhere. The Jews have willfully subverted our country and gained power through fraudulent methods. Is it any wonder why there’s a growing number of us who are unhappy with them?

But instead of trying to understand why people hate them, the Jews are seemingly incapable of self-reflection. They’ve gone so far as to try and shut down any sort of real dialogue about their behavior. Jewish groups like the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center openly use their abundant resources to ruin the lives of people who dare discuss any topics related to Jewry.

Stupidly, the Jews are using this synagogue shooting to try and restrict political speech even further. The social media site Gab has become a prime target for shut down. It’s also safe to assume that they will push for additional free speech restrictions and bans beyond what happens to Gab.

Obviously, none of us who write for this site believe in using violence as a tool for political change. That’s because persuading the people of the worthiness of your cause is really the only way towards gaining lasting political power. Unfortunately, violence is inevitable if the paths towards peaceful change are continuously blocked. It’s what happens when people are boxed into a situation that they view as hopeless.

So how about it Jews? Can we finally have an honest conversation about anti-Semitism? Or are you going to keep trying to ban us off the Internet for simply attempting to have a dialogue?