Joe Biden Issues Executive Order to “Investigate” Packing the Supreme Court

I had to laugh at this.

Old Joe sure is getting a lot done.

Washington Post:

President Biden created a bipartisan commission Friday to study structural changes to the Supreme Court, giving the group 180 days to produce a report on a range of thorny topics including court expansion and term limits.

The commission, composed of 36 legal scholars, former federal judges and practicing lawyers, fulfills Biden’s campaign promise to establish such a group after activists pushed him to back expanding the court following Republicans’ rush to confirm Justice Amy Coney Barrett shortly before last year’s election. Biden has said he is “not a fan” of adding seats to the Supreme Court, but he has declined to say whether he supports any other changes to its structure.

The commission, however, is likely to disappoint liberals who are looking for quick action to blunt the court’s conservative majority, while giving the president cover to avoid wading into the contentious debate. The members are not tasked with giving Biden specific recommendations but rather providing an analysis of a range of proposed changes to the court. The executive order establishing the commission mandates that the group hold public meetings and take input from a range of stakeholders, with the report expected in October.

That’s a lie. There is zero chance they won’t announce court packing within the next year.

Whether or not they would pack the court was one of the only things Joe Biden and Kamala Harris refused to lie about. They wouldn’t answer the question.

They lied about the minimum wage, the $2,000, punishing Saudi Arabia for chopping that guy up – those are some pretty big lies we’ve already seen.

They also lied about putting children in cages, though that is a little bit more complicated. (Fox News is being really scummy about it, pretending like the issue was always the treatment of the Guatemalan children, in the facilities, when it was actually about whether or not they would be allowed to stay in the country – Joe Biden is going to let them stay in the country, he’s just figuring out where to put them all.)

But when they were asked: “will you pack the court?”, they just refused to answer.

I said at the time: “well, you know that’s something they’re going to do quick.”

It’s extremely unpopular.

From a WaPo/ABC poll from September of last year:

Just 32% of adults support increasing the number of Supreme Court justices, a practice referred to as “court-packing” that some Democrats have threatened to attempt as retaliation if the Republicans quickly push through a replacement for Ginsburg, including 45% of Democrats and 29% of independents, the ABC/Post poll found.

They were releasing some very fake polls in September of 2020, so the real number is probably closer to single-digit support.

But the core of democracy is having things forced on you by tyrannical elites.

It’s who we are.