John Oliver Does Show Shilling MMT and Trickle Up Economy, Says Inflation Doesn’t Real

The menopausal jokester John Oliver has done a show ostensibly about the national debt. It was actually a show shilling Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and claiming that it doesn’t matter how much money the Joe Biden government prints, nothing will happen.

Last month, he did a show demanding Tucker Carlson be pulled from the air. This show is peak liberal brainwashing, and so it is meaningful what topics his team chooses every week – because they choose the topics most important to the ruling elite.

This money printing thing is really totally out of control. Like, it is beyond the pale now. By the end of the year, we are probably going to have just about doubled the total number of US dollars in circulation – over a period of two years. Apparently, normal people are worried about this, or John Oliver wouldn’t be doing a show normie-wrangling them.

I wrote about the dynamics of the John Oliver Show in the last article, so I won’t repeat them here – but it is the perfected version of liberal brainwashing, and it is clear that there is much to be gleaned from the agenda simply by looking at the topics he chooses for shows.

You can watch the shows, and just see an unfiltered take on exactly what the establishment wants people to believe about anything. Yes, that is true of all television, but this is the undiluted, pure, concentrated version of the agenda.

I would like to see the one about plastics, but it’s doing this thing to me.

(Maybe I’ll use a non-American IP and see if that works. I don’t want a Google account.)

But yes: the “Debt” show says: “don’t worry, it’s fine, we’re just going to keep printing money and nothing will happen.” Making it about the national debt discussion is actually a straw man, which Oliver uses to associate the discussion with stodgy old Republican grumps.

Of course, it’s too late to stop this out of control money-printing, and it would have been a serious problem even if Donald Trump had won the election. So all you can do is shield yourself.

As far as I can tell, the process of mass inflation has already begun. I’m a big proponent of cryptocurrency, but if you look at the increase in the price of bitcoin from the start of the lockdowns until now, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

If we simply consider this an alternative currency, then the idea of it multiplying 7 times against the dollar seems to show that the dollar is losing value.

What’s more: all stocks are exploding at extraordinary rates.

For example, the S&P 500:

With that chart, if we take it back 35 years…

…You find that it is an even more astonishing bulge, which has been building up for some time before the virus hoax, but has really rocketed up during this particular time.

If you look at individual stocks, it’s worse. Tesla has gone up 5X.

The cost of goods is also up, but the amount of inflation you would expect has not been seen yet. That is because when you add in the housing market to the financial markets, you enter into a situation where much of the increase in total money can just be parked and collected by the rich, rather than going into circulation, which means that prices remain somewhat stable.

That is probably why they don’t want to dole out regular cash payments to the population – that would put too much money into circulation, instead of parking it in these markets and letting the rich decide how to manage it.

Without giving financial advice, I would tell everyone to not hold any cash at all right now. Have your cash for daily expenses only. John Oliver is telling the middle class not to worry about inflation, but I can say with some confidence he doesn’t keep however many tens of millions he has in cash.

Bill Gates has used his money to become the biggest farmland owner in the United States.

Owning property outside of the city is really the best way to go.

You might also not want to worry very much about debt. Because if you have any assets, that debt is going to be easy to pay off when the dollar is lower.

Ultimately, it is very obvious that the government is purposefully collapsing the dollar because they want to replace it with a new form of currency. This will be some kind of digital token that is tied to an app on your phone. You will receive some kind of pittance every month as a form of “Universal Basic Income,” and this will likely be tied to your vaccination status, and other decisions you make.

I have zero predictions on cryptocurrency in the long run. As you know, I was very right about the short run, but in the longer run, the US government may crack down on it, which would lower its value. However, they may also allow it to be integrated into the new digital economy, which would mean it could maintain value. This is not clear. I do think Elon Musk was basically right when he said: “holding bitcoin is stupid, but not as stupid as holding cash.”

The point is: the apocalypse is already here. When you have John Oliver up there saying basically, “don’t worry – just hold dollars, m8,” you know the dollar is on the verge of collapsing and they want to leave you with the bag. This entire program is about shrinking the economic weight of the middle class, you see. It’s a scam, to change the balance of total power held in the economy. The economy now is a zero sum game and has been for a while, so you losing means they gain, and them gaining means you lose.

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There’s nowhere else the wealth of the middle class is going to go, other than to the rich. That means that when they say they’re redistributing your money to brown people or whatever, they are lying to you. Redistributing money to brown people is a roundabout way of moving wealth to the ruling elite. When this is over, black people and Mexicans will be about where they were when this started, it is simply that the white middle class will be brought down to their level. This is always what communism is about, which is why no one really does communism anymore.

What they’re doing in America is much worse than communism, actually, because they are allowing the ultra-wealthy to keep all their wealth. When the dollar collapses, Bill Gates will still own all of that farmland.

Again: there is no political solution to what is happening. This society is now on rails for the time being. What exists is personal solutions, which you can implement in order to guard yourself.

This should be the part where I sell you gold bars, but I don’t have one of those marketing deals. In fact, I have no marketing deals. But I do hope that those of you who use this information to protect your wealth decide to give us a cut.

On the question as to whether if I did have the option of shilling gold bars, would I think that was a good idea? Well, it’s a better idea than cash, I can tell you that.

Probably, gold makes sense. But if it’s in a safety deposit box in a city, you might not end up being able to access it, and it could also get seized in the name of some kind of fake communist agenda. So burying gold in the woods, or the basement of a farmhouse – that makes more sense than having it in a bank. Of course, it can get looted, and in the name of deer-watching, there are tiny battery-powered motion-activated cameras in most woods in America now, so I wouldn’t bet on no one seeing you bury it.

Regarding a fake communist agenda: it is very clear that corporations are positioning themselves as supporters of some type of more serious communist agenda than we’ve seen thus far, so it may well be that middle class assets are going to be seized and redistributed to brown people, who will then be irresponsible with this wealth and funnel it all back to the elite. So in making money decisions, I would generally be aware that seizure by a fake communist agenda is something you need to factor into risk assessment.

Understand that this crisis is going to happen, and then they are going to restructure society, and then probably not shortly after that, their restructured society will collapse.

So, three parts:

  • Purposeful economic and social collapse (ongoing right now)
  • Pre-fabricated response to the purposeful social collapse (implemented over the next 3-5 years)
  • Eventual collapse of the artificial system (timeline unknown)

After the artificial system collapses, there will be a generation of chaos, which may or may not involve the United States being administrated by the Chinese. White people, or the Chinese for that matter, will largely accept ownership claims from the previous system – meaning that if you own land, you (or your children) will probably get to keep it, assuming you don’t get killed and BBQ’d by a cannibal gang.