Kiwi Man Facing 14 Years For Sharing Hilarious Brenton Mosque Prank Vid

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 29, 2019

The government in New Zealand has no sense of humor. Most people enjoyed Brenton Tarrant’s Dennis the Menace style practical joke at the Christchurch Mosque. This is why so many people decided to share his video with their friends – so that they could get a laugh as well.

Spreading the good news and the cheer is apparently illegal in New Zealand though.

That is the cost of Islamic feminist dictatorship.


A Christchurch businessman has pleaded guilty to sharing a live stream video recorded by a gunman as he began killing 50 people at two mosques.

Philip Arps pleaded guilty to two counts of distributing the 15 March mosque video and will remain in jail until he is sentenced on 14 June.

He faces a maximum penalty of 14 years in prison.

Prosecutors accused the 44-year-old of sending the video to an unknown person and instructing that person to insert crosshairs and include a kill count.

Prosecutors say he then forwarded the 17-minute video to 30 associates.

New Zealand’s chief censor David Shanks banned both the video and a manifesto written by the white supremacist accused of the attack, making them illegal to view, possess or distribute.

As a society, we grew up reading books like Fahrenheit 451, 1984 and Animal Farm warning about dystopian communist regimes that banned books and ideas and enforced draconian punishments on those who disobeyed.

The reason that we were given those books to read was that they were written to critique the Communist bloc and Stalin, in particular. Orwell was a reformed Trotskyist, remember.

So it was a short-sighted propaganda strategy, really.

Because now, we’re at this stage where the censorship has come to the West and people are supposed to just pretend that it hasn’t. This, despite being educated by the very same system to be suspicious of censorship and governments trying to control what people think.

No wonder people are starting to sit up and get worried.

They probably shouldn’t have made the whole populace read these books at a young age. You can’t “defeat Communism” and then turn around and enforce Communism without people getting confused and bewildered and angry.

It’s the same thing that you’ve got with the whole Muzzie situation. The whole population was primed to hate Moslems to justify wars in the Middle East. You can’t just turn around and invite millions of them into your own country after said wars and stifle all criticism of said policy without some people getting angry and mad.

The Jews planning our society are effecting huge changes at a rapid breakneck pace, leaving lots of people in the lurch, who are now getting caught out and punished – Boomers, mostly. This is because they’re following an older behavior programming code and haven’t done the optional upgrade patch that the system has been offering because the old program makes sense and they don’t want to close all their tabs and restart the computer.

We can send you to a re-education facility for 14 years.

Someone needs to reach out to these older folks and bring them up to speed about what’s going on.

It can’t be me, because I get irrationally mad at old people.

Basically, we need a Boomer Whisperer to emerge from amongst our ranks and to teach the older folks to Hate again. 

As the situation stands now, we are all simply waiting for the Prophet of the Boomers to appear and begin his ministry of Facebook rants and hot lead.

That’s when the fun begins for real.