Korean LA Times Owner Says Social Media is a Cancer

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 27, 2018

Well, here’s something that I think I probably agree with.


Billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong on Wednesday advocated for a change in how people consume news on social media, calling the platforms the “cancer of our time.”

“The short attention span we’re creating in this millennium is actually very dangerous,” said Soon-Shiong, the new owner of the Los Angeles Times. “It’s the unintended consequences of social media.”

Soon-Shiong, also chairman and CEO of biotech firm NantKwest, was responding to a question about the state of media and its relationship to social networks.

Platforms such as Facebook’s News Feed have revolutionized how people consume media and how news organizations deliver content. But they have also been criticized for spreading so-called fake news and misinformation.

Soon-Shiong, a former surgeon turned entrepreneur, told “Squawk Alley” that “I say it’s the cancer of our time and social media is a form of metastasis of news. We need to change that.”

He described Facebook as a “advertising facing” organization, and therefore people cannot differentiate from “fake news,” “real news” or “opinion news.”

It’s a complex issue.

The overwhelming majority of people on earth, you see, are what we call “non-player characters” (NPCs). This means that they do not have a human consciousness, in the way that you, the reader does. They have an animating spirit, like an animal, but no human soul.

As such, they do not have the ability to process information, and simply react as automatons to emotional and pain/pleasure stimuli.

So social media is perfect for them. They get little bits and bytes, and just choose to believe whichever bit and/or byte makes them feel good. They are reading it, so they have confirmation that someone, somewhere is saying it, and then the machine-people reinforce each other’s belief with social proof.

It used to be that you had a church and/or state guiding these people by feeding them the right information that would help them to believe the correct things and not disrupt society with harmful behavior patterns.

The internet has given the media Jews the ability to direct people any which way. Most people who would believe a New York Times or Washington Post headline are too low level to actually read the article. Most people who are at a high enough level to read the article would either know it is bullshit by the headline and thus not bother to read it, or read it and figure out it is bullshit.

There is the middling IQ class – also mainly nonhuman in orientation – which is able to read these articles and also believes them, but they are a virtually irrelevant class. The majority are what matters, and all they see is Facebook headlines and tweets that make them feel feelings.

If you had an actually free press, this problem could solve itself. For instance, if we at the Daily Stormer were allowed access to major social media and financial platforms, we would be able to mass influence the minds of the NPCs and direct them in our own direction.

That is the goal of limiting the freedom of the press to an elite few, and then cleansing social media and shutting down everyone who disagrees with the mainstream – to control the minds of the unthinking masses and get them to do the bidding of the Jew.