New Zealand is the Best Country at Shutting Everything Down

New Zealand’s top bitch is the number one expert at being on an island and telling people they can’t fly their plane to the island.

She is also super good at closing down people’s businesses and punishing them for not wearing masks.

The Guardian:

New Zealand’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has been the best in the world and is the country that gives business leaders the most confidence for future investment, according to a Bloomberg Media survey.

New Zealand ranked strongly for political stability, the economic recovery, virus control and social resilience in Bloomberg’s market crisis management index, published on Thursday.

The index scores New Zealand at 238, above second-placed Japan at 204 and Taiwan in third on 198. Australia was sixth with 151, while the UK and US – despite their high case numbers and fatalities from Covid-19 – were ninth and 10th.

In a boost for Jacinda Ardern’s chances of winning a second term in the election on 17 October, New Zealand scored the highest ranking in each of the categories.

Its political stability ranking was its best score and was also the most preferred holiday destination for executives once it was safe to travel.

As Auckland enjoyed its first day free of restrictions since a second wave hit, New Zealand’s finance minister, Grant Robertson, said the government’s plan to go “hard and early” against the virus had been a success.

“We have one of the most open economies in the world because we set out a plan and stuck to it. We have eliminated our second wave, as others are still grappling to get this virus under control.

“Our clear plan to deal with Covid-19 is being noticed, particularly by global businesses. Our strong and steady Covid response means we’re opening up investment opportunities to support the recovery and rebuild.”

Frankly, it’s not clear what’s going on here.

This is some kind of weird scam.

The New Zealand economy has totally collapsed.

This isn’t some secret. It’s in the news.

I’ve been following it because I think it’s hilarious that this stupid horse-faced bitch totally ruined her country because she wanted to prance around and talk about how moral she is.

They are an island country and they closed the borders. This isn’t difficult. Now they have a situation where they can never open up again because everyone will get the virus, because the country will have zero immunity. It’s not really a great situation, and actually doesn’t even make any sense.

Did you know the opposition in New Zealand is also some annoying cunt?

The other one is actually even worse.

This is like if a horse had a fight with a hippopotamus.

Any way you look it at, you lose.

Just terrible, frankly.