New Zealand: Man Sentenced to 21 Months in Jail for Sharing Video of Brenton’s Mosque Prank

Daily Stormer
June 18, 2019

Philip Arps, online freedom fighter

Nothing says “White male privilege” quite like going to prison for almost two years for sharing a video online.


A New Zealand man was sentenced to 21 months in prison on Tuesday for distributing videos of a massacre at two mosques in the city of Christchurch, media reported.

Radio New Zealand said Philip Arps, 44, pleaded guilty to two charges of distributing objectionable material after sharing copies of the live streamed video with about 30 people.

Arps also shared a video that was modified to add cross-hairs and a body count to the images of the massacre, the broadcaster said.

I still don’t get why this would be illegal.

Then again, I don’t get why what Tarrant did is supposed to be illegal either.

In a sane society, mowing down dozens of invaders would earn you a medal and a huge barrel of goat cheese.

Christchurch District Court Judge Stephen O’Driscoll said that when Arps was asked for his opinion of the video, he replied it was “awesome,” Radio New Zealand said.

Where’s the lie?

“It is clear from all the material before me that you have strong and unrepentant views towards the Muslim community,” it quoted O’Driscoll as saying during the sentencing.

This cuck really needs some real justice done hard on him, ideally by just dumping him into any random Moslem country and seeing how he likes living among them.

New Zealand’s government has outlawed the sharing of videos of the massacre, which is punishable by up to 14 years in jail.

Look at all that freedom you have, goyim!

Aren’t you happy you don’t live in China, where little boys don’t even have the freedom to cut their dicks off?

A self-described white supremacist, Arps was charged with”offensive behavior” and fined NZ$800 ($543) in 2016 after he delivered a bloodied pig’s head to Al Noor mosque, according to court documents.

The mosque was among the two targeted in the March massacre.


Not quite as funny as Tarrant’s prank but still, it’s the thought that counts.

The best thing about what Brenton did is that it’s making the System do stupid things like this, which make people hate it and mistrust it even more.

I’m willing to bet most normies in NZ had no idea the government can just put you in prison for posting something online, and even the most brainwashed among them can’t possibly agree with over a decade in prison for it.

So this is basically the gift that keeps on giving.

Hail Tarrant!

I’ll watch Initial D in his honor.